Where to buy yarn in Albuquerque & El Paso

My mom is going to be in that area in October for the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Where are the absolutely most fab LYS. Also, are there places to buy specialty local yarn? She wants to know so she can buy me some beautiful yarn :muah: .

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try the map here. there appears to be at least one store in each of the towns and there looks to be a festival or something near ALBQ each year. i would definitely call them to find out when that is!!!

I live in ABQ and the yarn shop is called Village Wools here’s there info

And for the International Balloon Fiesta, which is held in ABQ the first week of Oct. every year go to… http://www.balloonfiesta.com/
and tell her we say “welcome!”

If you are going to be in El Paso, the only “real” yarn store in town is Sarita’s (I am the one who put it on MapMuse) She and her husband actually run a sewing/alteration/drycleaning business, but she also stocks a good variety of yarn, patterns, needles & tools. She has classes by appointment, and Saturday mornings we get together 10am-12pm ish for fun knitting (when we aren’t being deluged with rain…). She has a decent assortment of yarn- Gedifra, Takhi, Sirdar, Katia. PM me and I’ll meet up with you and give you the windshield tour of El Paso, if I’m free!

Now, between El Paso and Alburquerque is Las Cruces, which is like El Paso, only smaller and more artsy. There, you have to go to Unravel, which has a website, http://www.unravel-yarn-shop.com/ Very cool, weaving/spinning/kntting/crochet store. It’s about an hour drive for me, so I don’t get out there that frequently. They have two skeins of Trekking XXL left, though, so I might try to get out there this weekend…

Also, local stitch groups meet: Tuesday afternoons, at one of the city libraries, Monday evenings at an independent coffee/book shop, and there’s a charity blankie group which meets Thursday mornings downtown to collect blankets for newborns and deliver them to local hospitals.

PM me for more details!

Anyway, love to give fellow knitters in our area a tour! Other than some Jo-anne’s, a Michael’s and two Hobby Lobby’s, Sarita’s is it for yarn in El Paso; it is the only LYS.