Where to buy Interweave Knits?

Does anyone know where I can buy Interweave Knits in Canada? So far I’ve looked at Chapters, Walmart, Safeway… ummm I’m not really sure where a LYS is nearby… Any other ideas? I don’t have a car (I’m away at school) and I don’t really want to order it online… I’m starting to run out of ideas (and I don’t really want to subscribe it yet either, I wanna check it out to see what it’s like, plus a few of the patterns look neat for this issue…)

Any ideas?

I am not as knowledgeable as some others but i have only seen IK online… I don’t know if it comes in print or not… BUT: go to their website and see if they do… I ordered Creative Knitting buy getting my 1st issue free and then later buying a subscription… Maybe IK has a similar policy… alot of magazines have that “try it before you buy it” policy~!

Good luck~! :hug:

It’s in print–I have a subscription, but have seen it elsewhere. Barnes & Noble? Amazon.ca?

Maybe the biggest local bookshop can order it in for you?


I’ve had trouble finding it here too. I live in a smaller city, and I have the magazine shop “Great Canadian News” and they will order certain magazines for you, if you request them. If you have that store, you might want to check with them. :shrug:

IK is actually print only; the website has previews of the issues and a few freebie patterns available, but not the whole magazine.



Well :muah: Suzee now I know~! :teehee:

Yeah, I have a subscription. I’ve seen it at Barnes and Noble. I suggest checking several bookstores.

Ok, thanks everyone! I’ll just keep looking around and see what I can find…

i just ordered my first subscription after picking up the winter edition at walmart.