Where to buy Blocking Wires

Hi Group,

I purchased Blocking Wires on Amazon. I really like them but they are all 36 inches. They were the most economical choice for giving them a try. Does anyone know of an online source that has a good sale going?

I guess I could cut some of the wires to a shorter length. Has anyone tried doing this? I am afraid that the cuts will not be smooth.

I will be housebound for several more weeks following surgery so am needing to shop online.

Thanks for any advice, Carol

I think that’s pretty standard for blocking wires. I tried searching, but didn’t see any shorter ones. And like you I’d be concerned the ends would be rough if you cut them. Sandpaper might work, but I haven’t tried it. A grinder or something might be in order here, but not sure.

Also…I tried editing your post formatting, but it didn’t work. Not sure why the first post looks like that.

Assuming they’re stainless steel and not large diameter and you used nippers the sharp edge would probably tear up sand paper but would eventually smooth out. A dremel with a cut off wheel used for both cutting and sanding would be better.

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Ohhh! Thanks for both the info about fixing the blocking wires and the text problem!

Knitter’s Pride’s Lace Blocking Wires have 2 different sizes. Well, 3 sizes, but 2 of them are pretty much 36"

The set includes 6 @ 35.5, 6 @ 19.5" & 3 flexible 37.5"

We used to sell them in our online shop here at KH, but no longer do as shipping was perilous and challenging. We now sell these through Amazon, but we’re out of stock at the moment. We’ll have more in about a week: