Where to buy big circular needles?

Where can I buy size 35 or 50 circular needles?? I’ve been using the Lion Brand plastic straight ones, but the stitches sometimes fall off the end.

Anyone got a source out there for BIG circs???

Look at different yarn websites to order circular needles direct from them. They carry a lot more sizes than the stores.

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knitcindy -I dont have any ideas off the top of my head of sources to buy one. However, I think your best bet might be D.I.Y. XL circs (aka make your own). You could also save some money that way if you want to make huge ones.

Suggestions Include: Go to your local D.I.Y. store or cheap ‘n’ cheerful store and look for the poles that go in brooms (sometimes they have a pointed end!) or get curtain poles or circular beeding (aka decorative bits of wood they might be circular). Also you could go to a local scrap yard for odds and ends. For the wirey bit, again you could go to a cheap ‘n’ cheerful store and get any strong wire/cable. To secure it to the ‘needles’ you could drill a small hole in the centre of the circles and superglue/secure it in there. Then just find a way to blend the wood to the wire smoothly. Perhaps chiselling or sanding it down until you are happy. Then a coat or two of clear/coloured varnish over the wood and first few centimetres of wire.

Fingers crossed!
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Not all sizes available, but there are some here:

and here:

I wonder if you could mold that FILO dough, and embed the cables in it. Just a thought.

Could you take your straight needles & cut them down to size - connect them together with a cord glued into each end - I’ll bet they’re hollow? This would be easier than making them out of wood & the gauge would stay the same. You could use plastic tubing for the cord & some kind of putty to smooth out the connecting end. Good luck! Whatcha makin’?
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You could try Joann’s, they sometimes have the really big ones.


Click on “Knitting needles” and you’ll see circular needles made from maple. He makes the larger needles and longer lengths for $26.00.