Where to buy angora yarn

I am knitting Christmas stockings and need to purchase more angora yarn for the next stocking. (I was using up some from my mother who has passed away.)

 Do any of you have any recommendations of where I can buy angora online? I have no knitting shops close to me and it is not sold at places like AC Moore, Michaels, or Joannes.

 Thanks for any help you might have. :knitting:

For the heck of it I Googled "angora yarn and a couple of things popped up.
One was a site for Fish USA, which is a fishing tackle company!:teehee: :?? :shrug: Its seems they sell 33 yard balls of angora for 9.95!
For something less pricey and a lot more color options go to www.yarn.com and put in “angora” or just click on
and it should bring you right to it!
Good Luck!

www.littleknits.com had some angora on sale a while back. You might want to look there, too.

Little Knits still has some Louisa Harding Angora left. It is not 100% angora (which would be really expensive), but it is beautiful yarn and they have many colors. Also search for Knitting Fever Angora Extra, they have a few colors of that left as well.

Now that I live in Seattle, I get to check out stuff in person. Quite a bit of the Louisa Harding angora has come home with me.