Where is Snephenie? :(

I’m beginning to worry about Snephenie. :help:

She is one of our knitters with the Oddball charity projects. She also worked on some other charity projects in the forum, and was a friendly member of the forum.

I’ve tried to reach her several times through a private message, but she never replied. I also sent her an offsite email, but it was no longer active. :pout:

Have any of you heard from her?

No I haven’t and I haven’t seen her around for awhile. :think:

ETA: I just checked and she last posted on 8/23 so that’s not too long ago. Strange that she hasn’t responded though. Do you have her phone number?

Thanks Jan.

No, I don’t have her phone number. I wish I did! :pout:

Maybe this post will bring her out of “hiding”!

I sure hope everything is okay :wink:

i did hear from her on the 17th. she said she had been very busy and out of town for work… hopefully she’ll be ‘around’ more soon HTH

Oh, I’m so glad she’s okay! :pray:

If you hear from her again, please ask her if she still has our “Earthtones” Oddball Shawl. She was supposed to mail it to beckyrhae, but Becky has never received it. :pout:

I still haven’t heard from Snephenie. :pout: