Where is it?

I love this pattern


It asks you to have a crochet hook size 4. I can not crochet to save my life! However…I have combed this pattern up and down, and can’t seem to find exactly what you are crocheting.

Any chance there is a pair of eyes out there that can see it, or better yet…has someone done this pattern to know what the crochet hook is used for?

Thank you …from the very blind pattern reader (perhaps that should be my new tag name!)

Use the hook to make the cords for the cap and the mittens.

Yup, use the crochet hook to make a cord for the mittens and the waste band of the leggings. That’s all it’s used for and you could probably make a small I-cord instead.

Next question…what yarn should this use…it is approx. 6.5 spi, and I am suspecting it is baby-DK weight yarn…and I am guessing that they would be 50gm balls. Man…I love vintage patterns, but it does nothing for helping you out with modern measurements!

You can probably use these charts http://www.vintageknits.com/yarncharts.html to find the yarn used in the pattern and figure out how much yardage you need.

I’d use Bernat Softee Baby. It comes in 140g balls. It should do the trick and it’s nice and soft.

I would say you’re correct on the weight of yarn. With any pattern though you have to swatch even if you use the exact yarn called for in the pattern. I have so many older patterns that call for yarn that has been discontinued years ago that I always know that I’m going to swatch.