Where is a good place to buy fiber?

I’ve just started spinning and I would like to buy some merino tops, however, I don’t know where is a good place to buy it from. I live in the UK so could anyone please reccomend a site with reasonable postage and packaging prices.
Thanks! :thinking:

I have thought about buying fiber from this source: http://www.bluefaced.com/wool%20sliver.htm …but they are in the UK so shipping would be outrageous from me :smiley:

Blue faced leicester is a fabulous fiber for beginners – one of the things I love about it is that it yields a really nice, soft, useable yarn, unlike a lot of other “beginner” fibers. They do have merino too, if you scroll down. :thumbsup:

Fibrecrafts is based in the uk and their prices seem pretty reasonable. I haven’t ordered from them, but I have heard good things.

I’ve bought undyed merino top from RH Lindsay company and was quite pleased, but don’t know if they ship internationally though.

The sheep shed studio, I do know ships internationally, and while their mohair mix roving is a bit scratchy for me, their punta wool and #1 dyed tops are nice, and feel like a strongwool merino, probably around 24-25 microns if I had to guess.

EDIT: How could I forget about Wingham woolworks, also based in the uk.