Where does the tail go?


I am new to this forum and to knitting. I have been knitting 2 whole days!

I have used the videos on this site to learn long tail cast on and the English knit stitch. My question is, after I have completed the cast on and go to begin the knit stitch, where does the tail go? I find it is just kind of hanging off the other side as I use the uncut yard to stitch. Is that correct?


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You can just leave the tail hanging there until you’ve finished your project. You can then weave the end into the knitting for several stitches and cut it off. Sometimes the tail can be used to start the seam at the side of sweater for example. There’s also a video “Demo of a Small Project” that shows you another way to weave in the tail as you knit the first row.

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Usually I leave my end hanging for a while, especially if say I was working on a striped scarf, so I knew when to change colors (you’ll get into that later). My first scarf I attempted stripes, but was clueless about the right side and wrong side, so the stripes are uneven. My boyfriend says he loves it and would wear it all the timeif it was cold where we live!

So if you’re just doing a solid color, you can use an embroidery needle and weave it into whatever you’re working on

Good luck trying to thread it through an embroidery needle. I use a wool needle, as I find it far easier to thread. my two cents worth

I use a crochet hook to draw the tails through the stitches. The eyes on my darning/tapestry needles are too small and I figure why buy others when the hook works just fine.

And the crochet hook is a lifesaver if you’ve left the tail of yarn just a [I]little[/I] bit too short.

I routinely leave only a couple inches of tail, gotta use every inch I can! Works great with a hook.

Hm…maybe I called it the wrong thing! It’s just a big, blue plastic needle that I got forever ago. It has a big eye that I never have trouble threading. Is that a wool needle?

I hate weaving in ends. Especially when I leave it til the end. Loose weaving makes me nervous so I just started weaving and then after weaving for awhile, I make a little knot so it doesn’t come undone. The knot is hidden, otherwise it would be ugly.

It may be a darning or tapestry needle if it has a blunt tip. An embroidery needle has a very sharp tip and small eye, much like a regular sewing needle.