Where does the marker go?

I can’t figure this one for the longest time-- in the pattern says “…P1 and place marker in this st,…” Then " All marked stitches:[K1, YO, K1] in this st…". Next row is P all stitches. Repeat these 2 rows. My question is that my marker is still on the same stitch. Where is the next marked stitch I need to increase?
Thank you!


What is the entire row that includes pl and pm in this st?
What’s your pattern, can you link to it?

I have the printed pattern. I tried to attach the file but I couldn’t. :grrr:

Let me see if I can make the file smaller or something. Thank you GG


Thank you for looking at it!


You want a line of increases that follow down from the marked stitch. On the first increase round, do the k1, yo, k1 in the marked stitch. On round 2, these sts will be purled, including the yarn over. Place a marker on the purl stitch made from the yarn over. On round 3, increase in the marked stitch and on round 4 move the marker again.
You’ll soon be able to see the column of increases and yarn overs but until you can, keep moving the markers.
Can you edit your last post please so that we don’t have the entire pattern? That way we avoid copyright problems, even for free patterns.

Got it! Thank you so much! :heart: :knitting: