Where do you pull? Starting a skein of yarn

I have been only knitting for a few months. I was taught by an english lady that you pull your yarn from the middle. My friend who I knit with does the same thing, however it’s knot city. She was told that on the packages there is usually an arrow pointing to which end the begining is. If there isn’t, then you just use the end on the outside. I am confused and tired of fighting with knots. Any suggestions??? :thinking:



I often have to grab a big chunk of the inside and pull that out, and usually the end is in there. Some yarns are harder than others, and there’s not really a right way to do it, I suppose. :wink:

I can only remember Red Heart having an arrow.

What I do with skeins is to look where the tucked-in end is. I pull that out and then reach into the center of the OTHER end and try to pull out the beginning. Sometimes I get too much, but I just wrap that around the skein if its a lot.

If it’s really a mess, I re-roll it into a ball from the outside with a ball winder.

That is EXACTLY what my stepmom said she does and she’s been crocheting since god was a kid. Must be something to it!

I’ve noticed with some yarns…its a toss up of where I can even find an end to begin with!! I always perfer pulling the yarn from the center but some times that just doesn’t “work”.

Thanks for the tip above…I’ll have to try that next time. :XX: :XX:

I pretty much do the same thing Ingy does… pull the insides out from the side the outside end isn’t in. Once in a while I get lucky and grab pretty close to the end, most of the time though I end up with a disemboweled skien of yarn!!!

If the skein is such that you can reach in, one hand in each end, I find that I can feel around for the very center and find the yarn pretty close to the end. Sometimes there’s a tangle, but if you keep it loose and don’t pull it, you won’t get knots.
:wink: :wink: good luck next time!

I’m afraid that I gave up looking for the end in the center & just roll all of my yarn in balls & pop it in a ziploc bag, snip the end & knit away. I find that having the yarn in a ball facilitates fast unwinding :wink:

I was told that the wrapper that you read info from is the bottom the end is in… but like on red heart that doesn’t work… I usually just grab a bunch and find the end :shock: I do pull the tucked end out though :lol:

I read somewhere that if you stick your index fingers in the center of the skein, one from each end and twirl them around, the loose yarn end will wrap around one finger. Then pull it out and Voila!

I use that method but usually get a wad of yarn that comes out - including the end. So lots of times I end up using my yarn winder to make a tidy little center pull ball. What a handy dandy device!

This may sound strange, but if you look at each end of the skein you will see one end is more “hollow” than the other. You can gently put your fingers into the center of the more hollow end and “open” the end so that you can basically insert your fingers down the center of the skein. Once I have my fingers inside the skein I grab the centermost pieces and pull out. I usually only end up having to wind about 2 feet around the skein.

I used to worry about how to get the inside pull going, but now I just live with it. If I have to use the end on the outside, I just put the skein in a bucket on the floor and let it flop around in the bucket while I’m knitting. To me, it’s a waste of good knitting time winding it into a ball.

Once, I went to a knitting class, and was so irritated by a ball winder there. The entire class had to wait while she wound her ball, with the help of the instructor. I swore that I would never wind a ball after that.