Where do you buy yarn online?

Do any of you shop for yarn online? I’m sure I can’t be the only one that does not have access to a yarn store.

I recently made an order with Loveknitting but it has been a disaster. The order was not shipped for over a week, and I only have confirmation that only half has been shipped (the needles and notions in one order, the yarn from a second order).

I was thinking about Craftsy, but I thought I would post here first. Just looking for good prices and a good selection but ALSO fast shipping.


Knitpicks is a good site. They have excellent customer service and very nice products.

I’ve ordered successfully and with satisfaction from WEBS, Knit Picks, Little Knits, and Knitting Warehouse. I’ve read good things about Willow Yarns but haven’t tried them yet. Deramores is also one that seems to have a lot of repeat customers but I’ve not ordered from them yet either.

Webs, knitpicks, little knits, Jimmy beans wool,…

I’m in the UK and also have Deramores available. I’ve used them a lot, though recently a really good haberdasher has opened locally together with a smaller wool shop a little out of town - I do know how lucky we are!:woohoo:

WEBS is very efficient with a wide range of yarn. Yarnmarket, Nordic Mart, Jimmy Beans.

I also recommend KnitPicks. Here in Lakeland ther is no place to buy yarn except at JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart. There is a store in Winter Haven but we rarely go to Winter Haven for any reason.So I buy yarn from Knit picks. , prices are about the same whether in JoAnn’s or Knit Picks.

Mr. Yarn is a great on line yarn store - FAST!!! free shipping

I have ordered from the following:

Knit picks
Smiley’s Yarns
Mary Maxim


I love:

  1. WEBS
  2. Knitpicks
  3. Jimmy Beans

WEBS offers a 20-25% discount off your total yarn order with minimum purchase of $60-&120. No free shipping offers usually. Great CLOSEOUT prices, and Grandpa’s Garage. I like rummaging thru their sale bins. Great customer service. Very responsive. Usually, no issues to contact them about, but when you have a question about your order, someone always responds within 24 hrs.

KnitPicks has best overall low prices on their yarns. They offer free shipping with minimum order. They’re known for excellent customer service

Jimmy Beans has a great variety of yarn! I’ve been very pleased with every order I’ve placed. I choose WEBS first, bit if they don’t have what I’m looking for, Jimmy Beans always does. I think JB carries more high end yarn.

I hate to say, I rarely purchase yarn from a brick-and-mortar yarn shop these days. Maybe a lone skein or two. It’s all about the prices. Especially in sweater quantity. But I know many many knitters prefer the touchy-feely experience of buying yarn “hands-on” at their LYS. There’s definitely something to be said for “seeing and feeling” your new yarn before plunking you’re money down!

I have been burned by a few yarn purchases where the color was way off what the website displayed in the color tile. Thankfully, a hank-size “burn”…not a sweater’s worth.

I’m lucky enough to have an LYS right around the corner. Literally. I spend two evenings a week there and buy most of my yarn there. If it’s not an option then online is great!

I’ve had great luck with Jimmy Beans. They have a good variety and great customer service. The turnaround has been great. I buy my needles off eBay
Good Luck

I have some discount codes from Loveknitting now, but I will compare with Knitpicks and even Jimmy’s (this name sounds familiar*. They had trouble getting the order out right on time because of the Christmas/New Year’s rush and sent my order out several days after I ordered. Several days ago I got my needles and notions I had to order and called about the yarn and they send they would just re-ship the yarn because it should have been here by now but I checked the mail this evening and now I have doubles of the needles and notions I bought. I wonder if I will get two sets of the yarn?

Their delivery TOS says anything can be exchanged but you have to pay the shipping, if I call and say I got this stuff twice would they want me to pay to send it back, or tell me to keep it?