Where do you buy elastic for your knitwear?

I am knitting Camisole No. 5 by My Favorite Things Knitwear. The pattern suggests incorporating a knitting elastic in the neck edge to maintain its shape.

Couple of questions:

  1. Where do buy knitting elastic?
  2. How do you incorporate it in a garment?

Hi mez2113,
If you mean the very thin elastic thread ( looks like sewing thread) which some people use for sock ribbing, then you can buy that from most knitting outlets. I bought mine online ( ebay) as I don’t have a local lys.
As for using it, you simply hold it alongside the yarn you’re using and knit away.
I can’t think of any other knitting elastic. Hope this helps.

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One project I was doing called for shirring elastic - I think it depends on how the elastic is meant to be applied as to what you buy, though. Most knitters would probably use the invisible elastic thread and carry it along as they’re working.

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