Where do I buy acrylic socks in uk

Hello where can I buy 100% acrylic socks from I’m in uk Thanks.

Hi, Welcome to KH.

Are you asking about 4ply acrylic sock yarn?
You can buy a blended wool/acrylic from many places i.e, dunelm, b&m, hobbicraft, shaws, even aldi’s get it in sometimes (if you’re quick enough!!) and there are Wool Shops in most towns. Not sure about 100% acrylic though :thinking:

If you just want ready knit handmade socks, a wool shop sometimes will either take orders or have a list of knitters who take knitting orders and others sometimes have already knit socks on display for sale.

I hope this helps as I’m not really sure what exactly you are asking for.

Hello thanks for the update.

I’m not good at knitting my own items myself so not after a yarn. I read on google that acrylic fibres are the warmest and wanted to buy some socks but can’t find them in full 100 acrylic fabric. Any help or advise would be appreciated,

I haven’t seen anything about acrylic fibres being the warmest, and besides, acrylic isn’t good for socks as it won’t let the feet breathe or wick away sweat, which means they’ll get uncomfortable - if your feet sweat, it’s not absorbent so the sweat has nowhere to go. Wool or another natural fibre/blends are best for socks, as they can wick away moisture while still being warm.

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If you do a google search (is acrylic fabric warmest synthetic) and you will see it. I don’t really like natural fabrics I’m more into synthetic fabrics so would prefer acrylic socks.

Im looking for something warmer to wear in this winter that’s synthetic fabric but can’t seem to find it in socks.

I still think the closest you’d get is a blend of some kind, not pure acrylic though.
Maybe this link might be useful? https://helpshoe.com/fabrics-for-socks/

Dont know what sort of socks you’re looking for, bed socks, slipper socks, long, short, thin socks for in shoes, trainer socks, men’s, women’s, children’s???

I’m in the UK, if you Google acrylic socks you can find some.

There is a big move towards recycled plastic bottles for sock yarn which can be bought from various online shops. Google recycled socks.

There are loads of socks with around 70% to 88% acrylic, with the rest being nylon & lycra or polyester & spandex (lycra) which are man made fibres if you don’t like natural fibres. They will likely need some amount of lycra in the fabric to give stretch and bounce back to shape.

There are 100% acrylic hand made socks for sale on some sites such as etsy, I’m not convinced they would be warmer or as stretchy and comfortable as socks made with a mix of fibres though.

Or put two pairs of socks on.

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Hi sorry for late reply @Creations I’m looking for trainer men’s socks.

I have searched on google for acrylic socks and can’t find any, I think sports direct had some acrylic thermal socks but doesn’t say what fabric they made from link below.:point_down:

I’m not quite sure what online store in uk sells synthetic socks, I remember last year in summer I purchased 98% polyester socks from sports direct and still have them ones they’re too short in my trainers this winter my feet are killing me with staying cold in them mostly.

What synthetic socks fabric would you recommend of buying for this winter keeping warm in? Because I’m not sure if acrylic not the warmest synthetic as I read on google.

You may find this article helpful, if anything interests you they provide links.


There are lots
Ebay have a variety as do amazon but various other shopping sites too.
For example

These are 85% acrylic and 15% nylon.
They are thermal, probably thicker than you are used to (might not fit in your shoe if you usually wear thin trainer socks, but you can wear them at home) and likely to be pretty warm.

I would ditch trainer socks for winter, you can only expect to get a chill if the socks don’t pull up a bit.
Longer socks and a pair of thermal long johns under your jeans or trousers and you’ll be toasty.

These are acrylic


These type of socks are available in brick shops too. I’ve bought thermal and double layered socks before.

Maybe something colourful?

Good luck, hope your feet warm up!


Good morning.

The first Thermals Socks on eBay they won’t go in my trainers too thick that fabric acrylic fabric.

Don’t like wearing pattern or bright colours as they stand out to much tbh,

I prefer wearing black Or White that are plain will have a look on eBay & Amazon for socks as I didn’t think of looking on eBay.

Thanks for trying to help all,