Where did I see?

I am usually obsessively organized. When I get yarn in for a new project, I tuck it in a nice box and put the pattern in my TO DO notebook. Well, I am organizing those nice boxes and have found yarn but no pattern.

Does anybody remember a wrap in vivid colors - vivid pink, orange and yellow - but also with black. I have cotton King Tut yarn but I’m not sure that is exactly what it called for. I think I have had the yarn for around a year - so it isn’t an ancient pattern.

Thanks for your help.l

Are you possibly thinking of The Nina Shawl in “Mason-Dixon Knitting?” It’s stripes of various widths in pink and orange with black accent stripes and an area of black and very pale green checkerboard. It calls for Provence cotton yarn knit at a gauge of 5 stitches per inch, which you could probably get close to with King Tut, for which 4.5 spi is specified.

Before I read the first reply the Mason-Dixon Nina shawl popped into my head too. It’s very distinctive because of those gorgeous bright colours against the black. It also has a ruffle at the end if that helps… I couldn’t find a picture of it online, but it definitely sounds like that shawl!

Thank you so much - that is it!!! I had in my head that it was a magazine so I have been paging through all my back issues of all the different magazines. Not that that is a bad way to spend a Saturday morning - but it makes me feel so good to have a home for my yarn!!