Where did/do you find larger doublepoint needles

I am seriously considering trying to make a sock or try the KAL Christmas stocking… but I have only been able to find DPN in size 8 (the largest size) I have looked at different patterns and some have called for DPNS in size 9, 10, 11, or larger…
:?? THANKSS :cheering:

They are hard to find!!! Even the LYS don’t have much of a selection of larger DPN’s, I’m not sure why. If it’s a store solely devoted to needlework, I believe they should carry just about every size knitting needles and crochet hooks, but as it turns out, most of their DPN’s were really tiny, like size 1’s! I had to call around to several places and finally found the size 13’s that I needed at a store that has a little of everything crafty (sewing, beading, knitting, etc.). You probably won’t find them in the stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s or Joann’s. There might be a smaller craft store that caters to a little bit of everything craft-wise that might be a good place to try if you don’t want to order on-line. I get frustrated because I hate ordering things like this on-line and paying a bunch for shipping and handling (almost as much as the item I wanted or even more sometimes), and then you have to wait to get your items. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Also, Amy has a video about how to make your own DPN’s from dowel rods. I have done this myself for the very same reason you are frustrated (can’t find the size that you need); maybe this can help too.

hmm…besides one set of Lion sized 10s that i found a long time ago at Hobby Lobby, I have gotten all of mine from LYS i believe.

My Christmas stocking is on a circular… I’ve found it so much easier that way than trying to use the DPN’s…

I’ve occasionally seen dpns larger than 8s at the chain craft stores and at Walmart. Boye makes some, I believe. You might search for them on ebay.


Chix carries Crystal Palace DPNs up to size 15…

I made my own.

Nadja xxx

I have clover bamboos DPNs that are 10.5. I would like a set of 11s to do the sleeves of a sweater that I am working on.


I got my size 13 DPN’s at my LYS. They only had one brand though. (Usually they have several choices)

I know Brittany makes larger ones…I have them in size 10 :smiley:

Elann has them in tons of sizes: Brittany

well i got this cool little pouch at LYS last night that has little slots for all my DPNs. I have a ridiculous number of 0s (which i have never used) through 3s and a ridiculous number of 8s. No 9s or 13s though…so i need to go shopping…heh

I just bought these


Haven’t used them yet, but they look and feel really nice.

I found up to size 10.5 at a Joann Superstore in Dallas. I found some larger ones at a LYS in Chattanooga, TN, when we were on vacation, but I only bought size 11’s. :?? What was I thinking? I should have known I’d never be able to find them again. :shrug: