Where Can You Buy Bias Tape in Large Skeins?

YEARS ago I bought lots of this (below) in Canada. It’s not actually bias tape since it’s not cut on the bias, but that’s the only way I could describe it for the title.

I would like to be able to buy more to make perhaps a purse or rug. Does anyone know what this is and how/where to get it.

I knit this swatch on size 17 needles. How about that for instant gratification knitting?!? :wink:

Pretty! So it’s something like a satin ribbon tape? :think:

I remember that but haven’t seen it around for years.

Yes, exactly. We bought a TON of this stuff back about 25 years ago when a friend in Canada taught us to cover hangers with it. (See foreground).

Now we’re down to what you see in the canvas bin and I want MORE…especially so I can knit with it!

(In case you’re wondering, I don’t TRY to get Peanut in every photo I post, he’s just a ham and always gets in front of the camera :))

As I recall, we bought it at the Canadian Tire Company (probably located in Vanier, near Ottawa, Ont.)…does that jog your memory? :wink:

I just found them online and did a search for “ribbon” but it didn’t come up…they probably don’t sell Barbies any more either. LOL! I remember I bought a few there as a kid. Good prices they had!

I posted this on a large Canadian group on Ravelry and a couple of people said they remembered it as “Phentex” ribbon yarn. I Googled and found some by that name, but not the same thing. Apparently ribbon yarn was quite different in the 70’s and 80’s. :flirt:

One of my neighbors used to make those coat hangers. I still have a few around. If I see her I will ask if she remembers. I doubt it was Canadian Tire, more likely Woolco stores which disappeared years ago. Phentex is still around, part of Patons I believe. I don’t remember it being made by them though.

I don’t have anything to offer by way of finding this but I just wanted to say… Peanut is sooo cute

Thanks :wink:

I’m finding lots of Phentex on eBay and Phentex “Olefin” yarn. Does anyone know if Olefin is the fancy name for the satin ribbon???

I saw my neighbor today and like me she hasn’t seen that around in years and can’t remember what it was called. I don’t think it was made by Phentex and it is definitely not Olefin yarn. Sorry I can’t help any more.

Thanks. Someone in the Ravelry Canadian group identified it as Nylotex and by my research THAT is the correct answer.

[B]Bias Tape in Large Skeins R Us?

Olefin is a brand name for polypropolene, a strong synthetic fiber.
If you can’t find the Phentex ribbon yarn, take a look at these ribbon and tape yarns. I think they’re pretty close to what you need.

If you want large quantities of regular seam binding or bias binding (one is flat, one is folded), try professional sewing supply stores.
Here are two.

BTW, people have been asking about the pattern for the braided covered coathangers. I found it on a craft blog Craftygardener.