Where can I look to find any mistakes in a pattern?

I’m knitting the Blanket Jacket in the book “Knitting in No Time”. But I think there might be something wrong with the pattern.

Where can I look for any errors??


I searched “errata Knitting in No Time” and found this http://www.patternworks.com/errata.aspx but don’t know if your pattern is there.

I don’t see anything listed on Ravelry. although there are only a few projects so far.
Can you tell us about the part that’s causing problems?

I’m just going to give you all the portion I think is wrong, so maybe you all can help me figure it out!! Here goes:


Using size 17 needles and B, cast on 24 sts, K 4 rows. Change to size US 19 needles. (did this)

Beg k row, st-st 10 rows with A. Change to B. St-st 2 rows. (did this)
Inc row: Kfb, k to last 2 sts, kfb, k1, 26 sts. P1 row B (did this)

Change to A. Cont in st-st, inc in same way as before at each end of Row 3 and foll Row 4. P1 row (30 sts)***

What does “each end of Row 3 and foll Row 4” mean?? This section of color with A is supposed to be 10 rows long.

Then, later on in the pattern it says to:

Change to C. Inc as before at each end of Row 3. St-st 3 rows (32 sts)
Change to B. Inc as before at each end of Row 3 (34 sts) P 1 row
Change to C St-st 2 rows

I FINALLY figured out that in this second section I’m supposed to inc in each row #3 of that color!!! But I still can’t figure out what

“each end of Row 3 and foll Row 4” means! (the row marked with ***) AND it’s got to total 10 rows of color A altogether. I’m stumped on this one!!!

Any ideas???

It is confusing but since it’s the sleeve, you’d like the increases distributed fairly evenly up the length. Since it’s 10 rows of color A, I’d increase on row 3 and then row 7 (not the next “4th Row” as originally set but the 4th row following row 3, i.e. row 7).

Since ravelry.com is so popular, many publishers will have a note under the pattern if you can look your pattern up on that site, then the errata link is below the general info if there is any.