Where can I get wholesale yarn? 😖

Hi all,

I’m sure you’ve had this question on here several times but I’m not having much luck finding an answer, so sorry if I’m repeating anything!

I live in the UK and have been planning to set up shop and sell some of my knitted cozies online, I’ve made my prototypes and chosen my final designs and its all very exciting :slight_smile: BUT I cannot seem to find anywhere to buy yarn in the amounts I want for cheaper.

Where to online sellers et their yarn?? Where do you lovely people buy your yarn? And is there somewhere I can get a wholesale account without an actual real shop? I’m wanting fairy large amounts, but obviously not as much as a yarn store would want as I’m still starting up.

Anyone have any recommendations for me?

Tinyandthebear :muah:

I don’t know what kind of yarn you are looking for, but here’s a few links. Not sure if they are US or what shipping would be, but take a look.


I have bought yarn from


They have yarn as cheap as 99 cents a skein.


Hey guys, thanks so much for the links it’s mega helpful :muah: I’ll check them all out. I’ve tried knit picks before and found their wool to be a lovely quality and fairly decent price too. Craftsy is a bit dear on the shipping to the UK thoug, which is a shame as they have some really nice stuff.

Oh man, it looks like those other three shops only ship within the U.S., but they have such good deals! I’m quite jealous of Americans sometimes, it’s so hard to get good deals on this little island.

I’m not sure if this would be “cheating” or not but I’ll suggest it anyway!! If you have friends or a family member in the USA, maybe they could order it for you and then after they receive it they could ship it to you?!?!?

I know that would more than likely double the shipping costs but try looking into it!! If u can’t find anything cheap in the UK then this might be worth checking out.

Hth, knitcindy

Im not sure handmade yarn would work for you, as its rougher and hanspun obviously gives an uneven yarn. However if it might work PM me and I could try work something out.

I always do free shipping too!