Where can I find info on how to embroider/embellish on knits?

:::sigh::: I made the great american aran knit Susan Rainey sweater square. LOL…as directed I first knit the square and struggled through the little sweater. By the way :::arrrggghhh ::: to the berry stitch. Welllll guess what, the square is 2" too small for the little sweater. So I tore apart the knit square and calculated what I needed to do to make it 2" bigger. Wellll…LOL…now it is 2 " too big! So I’ve decided I am going to embellish the square after applying the sweater to it. In the end I think it will look fabulous. But I’m having a hard time locating sites where I can find ideas on how to embroider/ embellish knits. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

there are several sites out there but i have used the tips which are included here for the embelishment of gloves. Scroll down to the bottom and there are some links and things.

Thank you so much.

My favorite book on embellishing knits is this one.

My favorite book specifically on embroidering knits is “Knitting Plus” by Montse Stanley, and long out of print, but Amazon.com has some used copies for a dollar or two. Worth every cent!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks MsB for asking this question, and thanks for the recommendations. I ordered Knitting Plus by Montse Stanley and Decorative Knitting from Amazon, because I would love to embellish my knits with embroidery, but haven’t had a good resource for techniques used specifically with knitting.