Where can I find a "cute" needle case/holder

I want a [B][U]CUTE[/U][/B] needle case. I am a girly girl and the ones that I have seen on the internet all look the same and do not seem to be what I want. Any suggestions???

I like the Lexie Barnes cases. they are pricey tho.

You could knit your own needle case and use colors just as girly as anybody could want!

This pattern is really unique: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/kable/kable.html

And this one is pretty, especially if you use brigther colors then they did in the picture: http://www.michaels.com/art/online/projectsheet?pid=e03856


try here http://stores.ebay.com/EHwa-Aprons-etc_Needle-Holders_W0QQcolZ2QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ12970918QQftidZ2QQtZkm

I saved those patterns, looks like I am going to have to make myself a fleted needle case.