When you measure

do you kinda pull out the item your knitting? Not stretch it out till you have gaps in the sts but kinda give it a tug… I was working on Roo’s Girlfriend Swing Coat today and it said to go till it measured 8 inches… I’m doing it on circs but knitting flat and I gave it a tug so that it was kinda all nice and even and wondered hmmm… is that right? Thats how I do everything hold it up pull it out a bit take the measurement and everything fits but is that just luck? Should I not give it the tug or hold it up? Just curious on how you guys measure items… cause I gained a good inch by tugging I should add :shifty:

I generally lay it flat and smooth it out. :thinking: To be honest, I don’t know what the “recommended” way is.

I usually try to let it lay, just as it is (smoothed out, of course), not stretched. Just thinking of measuring different parts of the same sweater (say measuring the body, then later measuring the sleeve, etc.) you may not stretch it exactly the same way each time and could end up with measurements that don’t add up.

:thumbsup: Thanks Ingrid and KnitQueen lol I guess I’ll work that extra inch :rofling:

lol you sound like me knitting a blanket…“if i hold it like THIS it is 36”…if i hold it like THIS it is 32"…looks like 36" to me…DONE!"


:roflhard: exactly I was hoping the tug would count lol so I’d have my 8 inches LOL

I stretch :oops:

Also … do you measure to the underneath of the needle or the top of the needle? That one always gets me … :??

I wonder about that too… I measure to the top of the needle :rofling: make all my sts count!! :lol:

I smooth and measure to the underneath of the needle. I’m not really sure if it makes too much difference though. Sometimes the pattern calls for, let’s say, 16 inches ending with a WS row. Well, what if 16 inches falls on the RS row? As a general rule, I usually error on the side of more and go for the extra row.

I measure under the needle, too. I probably read to do it that way since I’ve done it that way forever.