When you hand wash your knitted items

When you hand wash your knitted items and lie them flat to dry, where do you put them?? I mean, do you use an iron board, the bathtub, a table to lie them flat until dry??? Or do you have a special flat surface for this purpose only?? I hope you know what I mean.
I usually use machine washable yarns but I have a few wool items that are calling for hand wash and flat dry and am not sure what surface to use to let them dry.
Any ideas? :cool:

I just bought one of those “net” sweater dryers. It is a square or rectangle of netting with a leg at each corner to raise it for air circulation. I haven’t needed it yet, and just hope it is large enough.

In the past, I’ve cut open a large garbage bag and put on the bed in the guest room. I don’t have dogs, cats or children, so that has worked for me. I does take longer to dry than it would with more circulation. At times, I have had a fan blowing directly on the garment.

I pin the ones I want to pin to size on a blocking board. I lay the ones I don’t have to pin either on my “net” sweater dryer or on my blocking board to dry.

I agree with the mesh dryers, here’s my favorite

:muah:Thank you all for your ideas.
Humm I really like the mesh dryier idea!!! I will see if I can buy one soon. :thumbsup: