When will my knitting stop sucking so much?

I started my first real knitting project a few days ago and man, does it suck. Not to mention, I am DREADFULLY slow!

I’m working on the ribbing (it’s a baby hat), and it’s completely uneven… in some spots it’s, like, 1/2" shorter than in other spots. It looks terrible!!!

Also, some of the stitches look recognizable and some look like absolute crap!

I’m just feeling kind of bummed about it… will I be able to knit decently by the time I’m done with this dratted hat? (I don’t know if I can even give it to my friend, and she doesn’t mind a few mistakes!)

DON"T GIVE UP!!! I had a hard time at first also. You might try something that is just a garter stitch to practice. I know it can be very frustrating at first but there are lots of great people on here for help and encouragement. I promise you will get better.

GOOD LUCK :heart: :thumbsup:


Kristi just noticed you are from my home town of Wichita.


I have a problem. I just started playing the violin last week, and I don’t understand why my notes are off key and I can’t make the bow go quickly. The lady down the street plays the violin beautifully (she learned a few years ago), but I just can’t get mine to sound like hers. Do you think I’ll be able to play well by my daughter’s wedding next week?

All in good fun, of course, but do you get my drift? Give yourself time, for goodness sake! And if it’s any consolation, knitting will come faster than most newly learned crafts. Just sit down and knit–if it’s not up to your expectations, don’t expect so much for a first project. The more you knit, the more you’ll learn–especially from your mistakes.

aww. just stick with it. knit knit knit. practice practice practice. you are very brave to do a hat as your first project :shock:! I think by the end of the hat you will be satisfied with your stitches. good luck :heart:

And, even though all these KH posters are such great help, looking at their finished projects when you’re just starting out might make you think yours is worse than it is. I know I get bummed by how little I can do compared to them! :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, though…it’ll stop “sucking” as soon as you stop thinking it sucks.
Gee, that seems so SIMPLE when I type it. :rollseyes:

Kristi, don’t be so hard on yourself. You were very brave to knit a hat as a first project :cheering: I have been teaching my friend to knit and she was saying the exact same things you were, so she has been knitting squares for a week and can all ready see some difference in the new ones!!! By the way I am close to you - Ponca City, Oklahoma, I often come to Wichita to shop (Ponca is a VERY SMALL TOWN)

Everyone is giving you great advice practice practice practice.

LOL @ Ingrid - you have such a good way of putting things :thumbsup:


There’s a whole fashion these days that embraces the “homemade and imperfect” look. (what’s that called again? the fashion’s got a name I think.) It’s popular! At least around here it is! I went to a craft fair a couple months ago, and I swear the young woman at one booth was appologizing for how perfect her sewing was, saying she can’t bring herself to do sew crooked as she tries to! LOL.

I say, just keep knitting, and don’t think a thing of it! The more home-made it looks, the more it says “somebody loved me enough to make this for me.” Seriously, I think that looks cool!

:roflhard: Ingrid…

You have already received some awesome advice and support here, but let me just add…things like tension and “style” and the way you feel most comfortable holding your needles and yarn and so on…ALL of those things WILL come. And, once everything clicks into place, its like riding a bike! You wobble and bobble at first, but once you get it, you’ve got it forever!

That can’t be true! My mother taught me to knit when I was like 12, but I completely forgot how to do it until I learned again last year. Not that I really MADE anything when I was 12…but still!
Same with crochet, now that I think about it. I learned that when I was eight and haven’t been able to do it since!

just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting, knitting…

you will get better. I have been knitting for 5 months or so, and I still haven’t made a hat. Maybe you could practice on something else, until you are more comfortable? That way maybe you wouldn’t be so disappointed with the results you are getting on the hat. I know I get frustrated a lot- I know how I want something to look, but getting it that way is another story!! Good luck!

OK - I will add that “once you, as an adult, learn to knit, you’ve got it for good…”

How’s that, Cate?? :rofling:

Much better, thank you :smiley:


I’m not sure what the real term is, but we could borrow from interior design and call the “homemade and imperfect look” “rustic”…or maybe even “distressed”!

Ooh, what about “shabby chic”? I knit lots of things that look like that :lol:

Primitive is really in right now I use to make primitive pillows for a little shop. The nastier the pillows looked the better they sold I’d dye them in coffee and then make my stitches crazy which was vvvveerrryyy hard for me to do cause I don’t like that LOL… Well I do to buy but can’t bring myself to do it :rollseyes: umm yeah…

Just keep with it and you will get it… It just takes practice if ya fall off a bike ya just get back on and try again. Won’t be long we will see your first finished object can’t wait!! :thumbsup:

All the experts have weighed in, so let me give a brief newbie take. I started a few weeks ago - maybe 5 maybe 6. I felt the same as you. And I swear, your knitting improves completely according to it’s own will and schedule. I tend to notice improvements in my knitting when I’m not even trying to make improvements. It’s just all of a sudden…it’s better. :happydance:

When I actively attempt to improve something it somehow never comes together. I’m not sure if that will stay true, but it has been so far. I don’t know much, but I have come to the tentative conclusion that simply knitting makes your knitting better. It doesn’t take a whole lot more than that.

I’ve begun knitting myself little swatches to try new stitches and things so I’m not working a “project” all the time, and I find that helps to. I get to try things I read about, and if I don’t get them the first time, it doesn’t matter cuz it’s just a swatch. :slight_smile:

Keep going! :slight_smile:

I know how you feel, when I learned, I gave myself less than two months to learn how to do it, and complete gifts for several people… :doh: :doh:
If you really want to do the hat… just do it in garter stitch! It’s almost as stretchy as ribbing, you get to practice your knit stitch, and by the time you get it done you’ll be a lot more confident, because you’ll see how quickly everything (ie your tension and stitch sizes) evens out. Just keep with it!

Thanks so much everyone, for the advice and encouragement.

I’ve decided to nix the baby hat… I looked at it again, and it is totally screwed up. I think I may have stopped in the middle of a row, then picked up the needles and gotten them on the wrong side… maybe done that a few times! LOL One side of it looks like I think ribbing is supposed to, and the other side is much shorter and tighter and looks completely unrecognizable. Very strange.

So, I’m going to start a little simpler and do a dishcloth. :oops: Kinda boring, and I only have acrylic yarn to work with, but it’s something I can do, and quickly, KWIM? And I can practice knitting and purling and hopefully get at least a little bit of consistency going.

I have a strange fascination with ribbing… I love it. I want to knit more ribbing. I can’t explain why! When I’m done with the dishcloth I’m sure whatever I do next will involve ribbing! Is that weird or what.

Thanks again for the advice and support!!! :heart: I am hanging in there!