When to use M1L, M1R

Thanks to everyone for the help, advice and [I]especially[/I] the videos!

I am working an increase into each end of a row of stockinette (adding 2 total stitches to the row). I like the M1L stitch that Amy demonstrates.

My question is, when do I use M1L and when do I use M1R? Do I just use M1L for both increases? What exactly is the difference in the finished knitting (I understand the difference in how to execute the stitch).

Thanks in advance.


I believe M1L creates a slant like this / and M1R would slant \ that way. So M1L would be used on the right edge of the knitted row and M1R on the left edge of the row. At least that’s what I’m assuming from the info on the increase page.


That makes so much sense! I am actually adding the stitch in the row, not at the edge. I assume, then, that it makes no difference which to use.

Now that I get it, maybe I should not be using this stitch at all…Is there a more appropriate stitch for a non-edge increase?

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If you add stitches in the middle of the row you can use the M1L. But you wrote “I am working an increase into each end of a row of stockinette” so it sounds like you’re doing one at the beg and one at the end. Even if they’re a couple sts in from the edge, that’s considered both ends of the row.