When to do M1L and M1R?

Hello, I am a 40 something trying knitting again after having given up in frustration over 20 years ago, and I love this site!

I’m having fun experimenting with the different increases, but am not sure when to use the M1L vs. M1R. I’m assuming the purpose is to create symmetrical increases across the right side of the work?

I’ll be making a fairly simple sweater with increases required at the beginning and ends of rows, except for the hem and cuff rows, which require evenly spaced increases when going from a 1x1 rib to st st. I am comfortable with both the knit and purl versions of the increase, but I’m not sure when to go in through the front (for M1L) and when to go in through the back (for M1R). Any advice?



Yes…they are for symmetry.

On garments, I do it so that when viewed from the side, you would see the increases going up in a V shape…left slanting ones on the left side and right slanting ones on the right. If you are doing a sweater with front/back sides (not in the round) I would do left slant on the right side of the front (right side as you are looking at it, not as you wold wear it) and right slant on the left.

Make any sense? Trying to explain it is mroe difficult than if you could see it.

Yes that makes perfect sense! It’s what I suspected, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the help.