When reversed knitting, how do I Decrease?

I knit a hat, and I am learning how to do the purl back and knit fron
even changing the colors fron to back without turning them into Purl stitches
but when i went to decrease it was NOT Making any sense
so they look crappy
how would I do them to make it look nice??

any ideas??


If what you are doing is what I think, then, you are trying to decrease on the knitting back rows, I would only decrease on the normal knit rows, and you could use any decrease. Hope that helps!

what i did was purl 2 tog then knit 2 tog in sequence at the markers
but it made the colors blend oddly
and the stitches were SO heavy, it looks clunky
IF (and i do mean IF) I ever do this again, i would prefer the decreases look nicer than these do

but I M very proud of this hat even so
I just need to get my Cameral Out so i can get Pics to ya’all