When I knit it becomes super tight

Whenever I knit the wool gets too tight and then I can’t move my needles, I’ve seen videos on Youtube about this topic and followed everything they tell me to do but it still doesn’t work out for me.

Welcome to KH. Unless you’re twisting your stitches about all you can do is relax your tension. If you have the yarn going clockwise around the needle when you make your stitches they will have the leading leg in the back and knitting the front leg will twist and tighten them. Do you hold the yarn in your left or right hand? I knit Continental so hold it in my left hand and if you knit English with yarn in your right hand your issues and solutions could be different from mine.


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It’s possible too that you’re knitting on the tips of the needles. Be sure to slide each new stitch onto the fat part of the needle before you move on to the next stitch.


I agree with both @salmonmac and @GrumpyGramma: make sure to watch the tension and make sure you push the new stitch fully up on the needle. The little I have been teaching knitting those two are the most common mistakes.

In the beginning it might really surprise you how loose you are supposed to have the tension. It is easy to get the tension too tight just because it is easier to pull the yarn through a loop if you keep some tension. But remember to relax that tension once you have finished the stitch.

Tension is something that will just come in time. You really need a good instructor, and someone who will watch as you work the first few stitches to make sure you have the right tension. Once you create a bad habit, it is so very difficult to correct it! Best stop it right at the beginning!

Try using a large needle. And be conscious of how much you are pulling on the yarn just BEFORE you make the stitch. Loosen up!!! Easy to say, but you need to relax… and don’t hold the yarn so tightly!

And have an experienced knitter watch as you work a row… we can’t see you working here, so really don’t know why it is so tight.

I never had any instructor and I have learned to knit. While I agree an instructor might be helpful I think it is nothing absolutely needed.

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I think by “instructor” they mean someone who will be able to watch the knitter IN PERSON, so they can add their tips/hints.

You’re right, not everyone learns to knit with an instructor. But it is encouraging to have someone take a look every so often and see how things are going!!


The admonition by this obviously world class expert knitter and teacher here and on at least one other forum to consult an expert or take classes with the implication that nobody can learn to knit without going to an expert gets tiresome. Many of us have learned from books and online and done so quite nicely, thank you very much. I second @engblom’s sentiment. If an instructor’s help is an option and can be had in a timely fashion, great. Go for it. If not, don’t be discouraged. People ask questions here with the expectation of encouragement - I know I did something like 10 years ago when I was trying to get started knitting. Later on you helped me learn to do glove fingers. You didn’t tell me to consult an expert (I think you are!) or take classes. Now gloves are easy peasy.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to push an expert on anyone. I was trying to respond to paddi’s comment about needing an instructor. I don’t think an instructor is needed most of the time for learning. YouTube and DVDs are available all over the place now a days. And most people learn using those turn into beautiful knitters! I try to be an encouragement here on this forum.

Happy knitting!

I should be apologizing to you, @knitcindy. My response to your post was not meant as anything but to explain why some of us feel as we do about the post in question but I think it came across as critical of you. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry.

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Welcome, :thinking: please tell us what type of needles you use. Metal, plastic, or wood?

Wood needles are the ones that grip the wool most. If you have tight stitches on wood needles soon nothing will slide. :tired_face:

Metal needles are the slipperiest.

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I really have to watch my tension because I tend to knit tightly too. I just have to really make a point of having my yarn loose.

Thanks GG!!!

I honestly couldn’t figure out why you seemed to be so “mad” at me. Unfortunately, online talking can lose a lot “in translation”. Especially when you’re not sure who is responding to who.

Blessings to u!!!


You, knitcindy, are one of teachers and I appreciate you and all the others so very much! Imagine limiting ourselves to one guru. There was a time that might have been the only way, learn from one person. We are blessed!

There are so many online options now for learning just about anything!!! Years ago, there was no “online” anything! It was either books or friends. I like it much better now!! (Especially with the social distancing we have to do!!!)


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Hello I have the same problem, can someone help me?


Hello and welcome to KH!!!

Tight knitting can be a result of several different things. Did u get a chance to read thru the other responses/tips?? See if any of those are a help to you. If not, u can come back here again!!!


Perfect! Then you are not knitting super tight… excellent!