When frogging and old project

I have an old UFO in my closet and have really lost interest in finishing it, but could use the yarn for other things.

So…if I frog it, do I need to wash/wet the yarn and dry it before winding it back into a ball?

I don’t, no matter how long it’s been knit up, but I always knit at a loose gauge. You could try and see how it works, remembering that washing or blocking when done will even out the yarn and stitches. You may not have to really wash it if you do decide to treat it, wind it into a loop and put it around a clothes hanger with some small weight on it and hang it in the bathroom through a couple of showers so the kinks will steam out.

I would just frog and rewind or do like Sue said - hang in the bathroom and let the steam from showers get the kinks out.

I’ve read that you have to do this, especially with wool. But I’ve frogged old stuff where the yarn was shaped like ramen noodles and just knit with it, and I’ve never had a problem.

:teehee: me too :teehee: