When Do I Knit First Sweater?

How do I know when to take the plunge? How many months should one knit prior to attempting a sweater project? :thinking:

When do you knit your first sweater?

Whenever you want.

Seriously, all you need to be able to do is the basic stitches, increases and decreases, cast on and bind off. You have to read a pattern to, but there’s always help available in the abbreviations section and right here.

There’s some real easy basic patterns out there. Go ahead and give it a try. We won’t let you mess up. :heart:

I made my first sweater only 3 mos after I started knitting! Go for it!

My second project {other than dishcloths} was a little sweater I made for my DD… just a few garter stitch rectangles, sew together and voilá! A couple of buttons and it’s done!

I waited almost three years and it was a total waste of time. I should have started right away!

Same here.
Go for it!

My very first project was a sweater. That was maybe a little extreme, but I learned a great deal and it was never boring. Do what you feel. If you want to start with a tank or a kids sweater, go for it. If you think you aren’t up to it after all, put it away for awhile and work on a smaller project. :thumbsup:

My first sweater was my 3rd or 4th project, I think. I made one scarf and I was DONE…then a few hats, and on to a sweater. Go for it! :thumbsup:

It depends on you and how confident you are. There are people on this site who post photos of things they have knitted as beginners of a few weeks or months that I am still too chicken to try after 18 months. And there are sweaters and then sweaters. I am a bit of a sook about trying new things and failing so I take baby steps and make jumpers (sweaters?) that are easier as in raglan style and no button holes, and I also try to avoid having to do neck-bands where you pick up stitches at the neck. But other people happily go straight from making their 1st scarf to doing cable bags and sweaters with no qualms, so it is really up to you.
Happy knitting :smiley:

I’m also a beginner and I would recommend that you pick a sweater you would be really motivated to do, and then try to practice the techniques used (increases, decreases, stitch pattern, cables, sewing pieces together, picking up stitches, etc.) on smaller projects first.

I’m planning on knitting a baby sweater before I do my first “me” sweater so that I have a chance to practice those techniques, because if I’m going to spend a few months and a bunch of $$ on a sweater for myself, I want it to look really nice! :slight_smile:

Or, if you don’t want to do smaller projects first, you could just practice those things a little, frog the yarn, and then start “for real”.

Now that “Big Girl Knits” has come out I can’t WAIT to get done with all of this knitting for OTHER people and knit for MYSELF!!! :happydance:

kristi, i just bought big girl knits and it’s in the UPS storage in lenexa so maybe it will arrive today! im so excited! have you gotten your copy yet?

ive been knitting since mid january, and havent attempted a sweater yet. too chicken, i guess. im doing a king sized blanket and socks and a halter right now. silvers sock tutorial holds my hand sweetly while i attempt them.

I made my first sweater about 3 months after I started knitting. I doubted myself, but went ahead and did it anyway, and I was glad that I did. Good luck and have FUN! :cheering: