When a gift is unacknowledged

I knit a baby blanket for a friend’s new baby and mailed it weeks ago…just a couple days before the baby was born. I haven’t even heard if they received it. So I’m wondering…did it even get there? These people are NOT the rude type but I don’t know what to do. I know how hectic it is after having a baby…should I e-mail or call? Or just wait? I don’t want to put them on the spot but I’d like to know if they even got it. Sigh.


Hi Patty,
I think that 2 weeks is long enough to recieve it. But then on the other hand they may also have their hands full with the new baby.
But i think you should call and just congratulate them and then ask if they got the blanket.
I do not think it would be rude of you at all.
Go for it !


I would give them a call and make sure it made it there. Just let them know that you wanted to make sure it arrived. And if it did, then just chalk it up to a new baby in the house and all that entails. I am sure that they appreciate the thought in the blanket. Is there any way of them knowing that you knit it and did not buy it? Non knitters may not be able to tell the difference…

I agree with ritaw. They’re probably very busy with the baby and just haven’t gotten around to calling you. Give them a call and congratulate them and just say “oh I sent the baby a little gift- did you get it?”. I don’t think that’s rude at all!

I agree with the others. Call to see how things are going with them and they may just thank you without you having to ask about the blanket. They are probably just too busy at this time to send thank you notes.

I agree-definitely call and ask!! I sent a package of small knitted items to my DBro and his family (3 pairs of handwarmers and a set of PJ"s that I made) and they didn’t bother letting me kniow they even received them. So when he called my on my B-day, I just asked if they got them (they did) and it was no big deal. At least I know. I never knit anything really big for them because I am not sure they’ll like it, so I don’t want to invest a huge amount of time.

I am sure they are just busy with the new baby, and if you call it’ll probably be a relief, because the new Mama and Daddy have one less thing to remember, LOL!

It may have been lost it the mail! O.M.G you should CALL!!!


I agree. There’s nothing wrong with phoning in to check that it made it. For one thing, if it HASN’T made it, that’s something you need to be made aware of so that you can have at the PO.

I have yet to receive a verbal (or written) thank you for this baby set that I made for the first grandchild of a lady friend that goes to my church. She was so excited about their first grandchild! Showing her ‘gramma photos’ all over! I gave her the knitted outfit to give to her daughter and grandbaby…and I enclosed my card with name, address, email address, and telephone number…and the young woman has yet to write (or phone) any thanks whatsoever.

The gramma (my friend) said a nice thanks…but the daughter is silent. Nada. :shrug: Who knows…maybe she didn’t like it. :shrug:

I made a baby blanket for a good friend and it was at least a month after I mailed it before they called to say thank you, and then another month later I got a thank you card. I think they were just completely overwhelmed with the work and excitement of a newborn. I’m sure your friend appreciates it and just has a lot going on. I agree with the others, though, a phone call can’t hurt - you’d want to say congratulations anyway! :slight_smile:

OH MY! How could she NOT love that??? That is gorgeous! I’m guessing she was overwhelmed and forgot. I took forever to write thank-you notes, but I did it! It’s really hard when you have a new baby. Then again, there’s the people that don’t know they’re supposed to write a thank-you. It’s a new generation…


First, call… etc. make sure it was received.

Second… on the issue of the Mother not acknowledging the beautiful, gorgeous gift that Artlady sent… I would ask the grandmother if the mother liked the gift.

I guess I’m old fashioned, but I notice a lot of thankyou’s going unsent. It almost makes me not want to give hand knit gifts.

It sad that gifts are not acknowledged anymore. Now a new baby I totaly understand it taking a bit longer than usual… but to never acknowled? that is sad.

If someone gave me something that nice to give to someone else, I’d be a little tempted to claim it as my own! I wouldn’t actually do it, but I would be tempted!! =)

ArtLady, that is a gorgeous baby sweater! I’m so sorry you did not receive a thank you from the mother.

HPJC…that is too funny! I think I’d be wishing it were in MY size so I could wear it. :teehee: