What's your opinion of Joann's yarn swifts?

I just received a 50% off coupon for Joann’s online. It’s good through the 19th. [U][B]And I want a yarn swift.[/B][/U] The lamp shade method works just fine, but I still want one. Has anyone ever purchased one from there? How’s the quality?

I bought my winder & swift from them. I haven’t used it much (yet). I was a little nervous at first–all the joints are tied, not screwed together. But it works fine. And I like the smell…:rofling:

i have used mine pretty much since i started knitting and it is great. (okay not constant use, that would be weird.) it is the same one that is used at my LYS and theirs DOES get constant use… it’s great!

works well for me

I’ve had a swift from Jo-Anns for several years and it works great.

I just ordered the large swift and the ball winder for myself for my birthday! I get free shipping and used a 50% off coupon and a 40% off coupon (had to submit two orders) and got both for less than $70! Happy Birthday to Me!!!:cheering:

I bought a wooden Swift from JoAnn’s over a year ago. Mine works great -no problems with the swift at all. My plastic ball winder I got from them could be a little sturdier in construction. With some yarns I get an occasional - pop noise like it is struggling. But I have to say it is still going strong after a year without any breakage or problems other than the occasional sound effect.

I have the winder and swift, use it alot, and am very happy with it. I used the 50% off coupon which mnade it a very good deal.

Thanks everyone! I’m going to get it. :happydancing: