What's your favorite yarn catalog?

Hi all,

I’m a knitting newbie. Can you please share with me your favorite yarn catalogs? Time to get on some mailing lists. :XX:

(I’m sure this has been discussed elsewhere, but I did a search and couldn’t find the topic…)


I really like Knitpicks (from knitpicks.com). They feature finished projects from various sources (different books, etc…) along with the yarn they suggest for the project. I ordered online 1X, and have been getting the catalog ever since.

www.patternworks.com has a paper catalog that’s good. www.herrschners.com , too.

I like Knitpicks, and patternworks , too.

I get Knit Picks, Patternworks & Woodland Woolworks (www.knitology.com). They are all pretty good.

:smiley: Patternworks, without a doubt…and Knitpicks :thumbsup:

I like Knitpicks and all, but if I could only have one catalog…Patternworks :thumbsup:

Thank you, everyone! Looks like KnitPicks and Patternworks are very popular. Think I’ll start there. :happydance:


I like Knit PIcks and Patternworks too. :XX:

If its got pictures of yarn I read it :rollseyes: