What's your favorite super bulky yarn pattern?

Long ago in days of old, I bought a whole buncha Lion Wool-Ease (wool/acrylic) Thick and Quick with the intent of making a lap blanket. I got 1/2 through and stuffed it all into a box. Turns out I don’t want a lap blanket. Nor need one. Nor want to finish a lap blanket and give it away.

Course, when my house burst into flames last year, the one thing that didn’t get smoky was the yarn I didn’t want, sealed safely away in a plastic tub. We didn’t lose much to the fire but the yarn and our books took a big hit. :-1:

Anybody got a favorite pattern for this yarn that doesn’t use multiple colors? Hat, sweater, purse, whatever. If it’s smallish and I like it I could make a whole bunch and knock out Xmas gifts. If it’s biggish I can get rid of all the yarn in one go. I’m poking around on Ravelry but if you’ve got a pattern you’ve already had success with I’d be happy to take a look!

I rarely use that weight of yarn, but there are lots of patterns. Here’s a few. Make sure to check the gauge on both the yarn and pattern.

Here are a couple of patterns that I’ve used super-bulky yarn for, with great success:

Royal Mile Cowl - it’s written for bulky yarn, but I had no issues with super bulky. I cast on the number of stitches called for in the pattern, but did fewer repeats because I didn’t want it to be too wide. Turned out really nicely.

Also check out patterns for slippers; there are some out there that call for bulky/super bulky yarns. I’ve made a pair of these with super bulky: Family Foot Warmer Slippers . If I recall, I think I had to size down when I used the super bulky yarn; I would normally be in the medium size range, but with the super bulky yarn, I knit the next size down and they were good.

That Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn gets softer after it’s washed, so anything like scarves, slippers, etc. would be good uses for that yarn.

I know you said you weren’t keen on knitting a blanket with it, but because it’s machine washable/dryable, it does make good blankets. If you run out of options, you could always knit up a few small pet blankets and donate them, it’d be a quick knit with that bulky yarn.

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I like that cowl! I’m on the TN side of the GA border, so thick slippers are just a recipe for sweaty feet. :wink:

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Ah yes, that would definitely not be a good footwear choice for where you live! :slight_smile:

I also had another thought, maybe look at some stuffed toy and decoration patterns. As I said, that yarn gets soft after it’s washed, and it’s also pretty durable. Would make great stuffed animals!

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