What's your favorite sock yarn?

I love knitting socks, and my favorite part of the whole process is the yarn! Picking out sock yarn is definitely the best part of sock knitting.

So what’s your favorite sock yarn?

So far the only yarn I have acquired specifically for socks is KP Palette. I have finished one sock with it and I like it and I like working with it, I just wish I had picked a lighter color as I find it hard to see the stitches working on 0 needles.

I’ve only worked with 2 kinds of sock yarn so far, KP Palette and ONline Supersocke, but I also have Tofutsies waiting to be knit up as well. I love Palette, and the Tofutsies feels so nice. Not a big fan of the ONline so far. Very pretty, but not very soft. I need to expand my sock yarn horizons.:teehee:

I love the feel of Austermann Step. I made a pair of fingerless mitts with it, and it’s very soft and pleasant to work with.
Of course I have tons more sock yarn from the last after Christmas sale I took advantage of, so my favorite may change with the next sock yarn project. :teehee:

My favorite sock yarn is Sundara. Her colors are gorgeous!

I am knitting a pair of socks with Dream in Color “Smooshy” and I love it! It is wonderful to knit with…it feels soft and smooshy and the colors are nice. It has a little spring in it too.

Love it! :heart: :heart:

Before this, my favorites were Mountain Colors “Bearfoot”, Cherry Tree Hill Supersocke and Socks that Rock.


So far I have only used KP Palette for my husbands socks. He loves them, he is also a diabetic and says they are very nice. I just bought some superwash yarn as I don’t like hand washing them all the time. I also use a size 2 needle. I just bought the KP set of sock needles. Which I must say are wonderful. They are shorter than what I use. The new ones are a 6" and I use a 7". I love the size 6" now it seems to make them go so much faster.:happydance:

my fave sock yarn is Marks and Kattens Clown Sock Yarn in the colorway 1722. (REAL specific.) :slight_smile: hope this helps at all.

Opal definitely. Lots of color choices, reasonably priced, wears and washes well. I also like KP Gloss. luxury.

KP gloss in colorway concord grape! yay!

I really like Cherry Tree Hill Super sock…it’s very nice to knit with…there are many I still have to try and want to try though :rofl:

Dream in Color’s SMOOSHY!!! Of course, tomorrow my favorite might just change.:yay:

I’ve only knit a few socks and they’ve all been in Kroy… so far. I’ve got some new yarn arriving Monday from KnitPicks that I can’t wait to try out. I hear a lot of great things about Opal, Tofutsies and Marks and Kattens Clown Sock Yarn… all of which I’d like to try out as my sock skills grow.

And now, thanks to this thread, I have more yarns to try. There will be some happy feet in my family this year!

I’ll have to chime in - I’m a new sockknitter also and love ShiBui sock yarn. I also tried Dream in Color smooshy and while I absolutely adored it, I found it a bit to heavy. I’m going to try the DIC new Baby weight and see if I prefer that weight.