What's Your Favorite Sock Yarn and Why?

Well, I’d love to make this a poll but I don’t really know how.

I’ll start: So far, my favorite sock yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. But I’ve only ever knit with that, Austermann Step, and KP Stroll. I like that it seems to hold up better than the other 2. Austermann Step was too thin for my liking and fuzzed a lot, and Stroll didn’t handle my repeated frogging too well and started to pill. To be fair I was making Jaywalkers and had to frog about 50 bazillion times (and still didn’t get it right). :frog:

So I want to try some other sock yarns when I’m done with my stash of LL. I’m particularly interested in anything that wears well and can be machine washed (drip dry). Also I don’t really like the kinds that stripe (like Step). I like the variegated ones or semisolids better! :slight_smile:


I really like KP’s Gloss even though I believe it’s hand washable only. Still, it gives a great finish and is nice and soft to work with.

Good luck and Happy Knitting!


I made a pair of socks with Dream in Color Smooshy and they are so very comfy. Really nice colorways, nice and stretchy and didn’t seem to pill a lot. Yummy. :heart: One hank is enough for a pair of socks.

I really like KP stroll, but I also like the Sock Pixie yarns. The colors are gorgeous and they knit up soft and smooth.

I don’t have a lot of experience in making socks, but I am working on the second sock of a pair using Deborah Norville Serenity sock yarn I got from Joann Fabrics. I really like the colors, and it feels nice completed. Of course, I don’t know what will happen when I start wearing the socks or how they will wash up. I’m waiting to finish the second sock on an upcoming plane trip. Socks are a nice, portable project for flying. :happydance:

My favorite sock yarn is my handspun bamboo - it has great antimicrobial properties and is very strong, however, it doesn’t have a lot of stretch so mixing it with a superwash wool is a nice addition. ‘Panda’, 60/30/10 sw marino/bamboo/nylon is awesome, and I prefer it as a 3-ply sports weight.

I prefer Berrocco Comfort Sox cotton blend. I really like the way it feels while I am knitting with it and I love how it wears. It comes in a lot of great colors too.

Personnally don’t like wearing wool socks and I have some cashmere handspun someone gave me and it really has no give on my foot - it is gorgeous to look at, but not so comfy on the foot.

I’ve tried so many of the most popular brands but I still like “Cascade Fixation” the BEST. It has built in elastic and the socks keep their shape and they wash and dry in the machines perfectly. I’ve tried other brands that also have the elastic but still Fixation is my favorite.

I have a pair of socks made with Lorna’s Laces yarn a few years agon. They are pink and white and part of the proceeds went to breast cancer research. They were a bit expensive but have worn well with no holes.
My favorite sock yarn is Patons Kroy Socks. I made two pairs and they just get better with washing and age.
I also have a pair made with Opal yarn that has lasted quite awhile too.