What's your favorite KH Video?

Please vote, there’s a good reason I’m asking! Tell me why you like these videos in particular, please!

actually i haven’t really used any of those. mine would be a toss up between the “fix” videos or the video of the little project…she has great tips in there!

I don’t think I can answer that. I already knew how to knit and purl english style. But I wanted to learn conti because I’m a leftie and conti looked easier to me so I watched those over and over. Of course the long-tail cast on was a major help. I like it because I only knew how to do the knit-on cast on. I haven’t really had a project require anything more than a yarn over when it comes to increases and k2tog for decreases. I can’t pick just one category. For me it’s a tie between the seaming vids and the small project vid.

That’s impossible to answer…I have watched EVERY video and they have ALL come in equally handy!

Alright, which one do you refer to the most? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the longtail cast on, conti knit & purl. Increases and Decreases, I review those quite a bit.

I voted for Cast On.
I’d never done the Invisible Cast on before watching Amy’s video, but I think I’ve actually used the infomation from the three needle bind off and the Kitchner stitch videos more. I actually came to this sight the first time looking for info on Kitchner stitch, so I’d really have to say the advanced techniques were (are) my favorites and what I refer back to most often.

Also Amy’s sock video was great. I’d been knitting for years but was afraid of socks. I’ve watched Amy’s video and Silver’s (YAH Silver - great pictures on yours and VERY step by step).

ALL the videos are wonderful since it’s so much easier to learn when you can see someones hands actually DOING the motion.


I VOTED FOR DECREASING STITCHES!! I :XX: loved learning about the SSK method, and how it would make a difference between the K2TOG and that one.
I really needed to know how to WATCH someone do the Kitchener stitch over and over before I got it :doh: , and everytime I need to graft a toe, I look at Amy’s video again!! I need to watch her video on double knitting a few more times–'cause I think I’d love to try the little pattern with the heart :heart: on it. And the different cast ons really helped me…I like ALL of them, though!! :heart: I was so thrilled to have it waiting for me when we got back from Alabama in June. :happydance: (Just wish it would play as a DVD on my DVD player though!) :wink: That would be so yummy! :smiley:

To someone knew to knitting they all come in handy. I have watched all of them. I think anything on correcting mistakes is very useful.

Okay, I picked purling simply because I am a thrower and already knew the continental knit st; but couldn’t get the purl st correct until I saw Amy teach it. FYI…I learned from Amy’s cd that was given to me by a very sweet friend :smiley: . I NEVER had looked at a video on this site…can u believe?!..always came here just to chat…lol!!
I must say, it is incredibly handy to have the cd rom to pop in at any time; it’s very quick!

My favorite at the moment is the cable one. I’ve never made cables and the video gives me all the confidence I need. I love the increase and decrease ones as well. How do people learn from books? I can look at a book as a refresher after actually seeing someone do it, or a video. I can’t actually learn from a diagram though.

I voted for the increases, b/c that is the one I just refered to the other day and the the area of knitting of which I’m the fuzziest. But the decreases are just as helpful. Actually it’s all really helpful!!! :thumbsup: