What's your favorite Crochet hook?

I thought it would be a good idea if we could all post what our favorite hooks are, to help beginners pick. My favorites are Boye hooks. Don’t know why, I guess I just like them. :shrug:

I love boye, too. I’ve tried those new plastic crysta-somethings and didn’t care for them all that much.

My most favoritest hook ever was actually my boye “G” afghan hook. It got lost in the shuffle of moving years ago.

I know, I tried the Crystalites. Hated them. They had that seam down the middle that catches on the yarn, and the smaller sizes snapped very easily.

I like Addi hooks.

I have a couple, and I looove them, but Boye hooks are just a little more readily available. When I need a new one, I can just run down to my local yarn store and buy a new one.

The ones I use the most are Susan Bates, mainly because they’re cheap and they came in a 6-pack (sizes F through K).

My mom used to do a lot of filet crochet about 35-40 years ago, and most of her hooks are Boyes made out of some metal that’s different than the aluminum that I see more often these days. Her little 1.9mm hook is heavier than my G5/4.00mm.


That was probably a steek hook. :shrug:

wow… they used steel back then…:think:
well my favs are clover? wide handled hooks… they have a large base that reduces the hand strain…
I tried the metal (which I believe the clovers are… or some aluminium) and I tried the plastic… DIDN"T like the plastic… yarn (especically cotton) doesn’t slide over it easily … I learned that through trial and error…
I don’t usually like metal needles (:heart: my denises) but I like metal hooks…~:shrug:

I have many Boye and Bates hooks but my all-time favorite is an aluminum Aero 5.00 (H) which I use all the time to make the baby afghans for our church project. I bought it 30 or 40 years ago when the hooks were sold in the US under the Bernat brand.


I will date myself a bit but I like my metal hooks which are Boye and my steel ones are Betsy Ross. I also have some bone hooks which are reaaalllyyyyy nice!!! For knitting, I have Boye needlemaster set and they are metal. I did but just recently some Clover double points and they are okay but I still prefer metal.:thumbsup:

my metal Boyes… and the H/8 seems to be in heaviest use right now. I HATE the plastic ones for reasons set forth by others. I have seen the wood ones, but haven’t tried them yet. I have a couple metal Susan Bates, but they seem a little too pointy- I feel like I split the yarn more often with them.

I think as a general rule I prefer susan bates to boye because they have a pointier end and slicker surface. I have a bunch of each but these are the only brands I ever use.

I love :heart:my Clover’s with the ergonomic handles.
I also love :heart: my Inox’s with plastic handles.
And, I love :heart: my bamboos made by Chia Goo.

And I also like the one Hero I have.

I have an assortment of Bates and Boyes that I also like, but I need to wrap them in clay to give them a better grip as they wear on my hand.


I find the Bates hooks to be the most comfortable. Boye gets caught for me–so it must be the way we’ve learned to manage our hooks. I’ve invested in some bamboo hooks for a few projects but always seem to come back to my Bates. I well remember watching my mother crochet with those little steel hooks. She made huge bedspreads, tablecloths, etc. with that tiny thread. Hats off to her and all you who can do it! I sure don’t have the eyes or the patience. Maybe once you’ve learned with yarn, it’s impossible to switch.

Ditto for me. I have mostly Boye, I guess because they were most widely available where I shopped, but I prefer the hook on my metal Bates. Can’t stand plastic hooks, yuck. :ick: I have a few of those ergonomic handle Clover ones, Soft Touch maybe they’re called, but the handle is too short for me. I have one bamboo one from Crystal Palace. It’s okay, but because of the drag and my great sensitivity to the sounds certain things make when rubbing together, I can only use it on wool. But yeah, Bates metal hooks are my favorites.

I actually have the metal ones too! I think from a dime store “Woolworths”? lol I do like Boye but the brushed ones not the shiny ones they seem to leave a metally smell to the hands for me.

Boye. I have a few Susan Bates, but Boye are definitely my favorites.

Boyes are my favorites too, I find that the Susan Bates hooks tend to split the yarn.

Boyes are my favorite. I’ve tried working with plastic before, and they just don’t work for me. I also have antique bone hooks that one of my aunts gave to me. They’re nice to work with, too.

I use boye hooks… partly because i like them and mostly because thats all i can find at walmart which is where i mostly shop for yarn and the sort. I did buy one of the crystal-crap ones and i HATE it! ugh!