What's Your Favorite Booga Bag Yarn/Color?

My sister fell in love with the booga bag I recently made, and she “hinted” that she would like one for Christmas.

What is your favorite yarn and color? Oh, and I’ve only made the Black Sheep booga bag. If you have a favorite booga bag pattern, I’m open to that as well.

Thanks in advance! :muah:

I have 2 different Noro’s 215 and 40. I have 5 skeins of 215, for my bag and 3 of the 40 for a bag for my daughter in law. After all the reading on everyone else’s bags, I wanted extra for mine so I could make it bigger.

any of Noro’s Kureyon!!

I don’t know what # Kureyon it is- but my Mom made one for me in this awsome blue-green-purple colorway. (with a little fun fur at the top- hee hee) and for sheer impressiveness I love the orangey one posted not too long ago in the Whatcha knitting.

This may be taboo to mention, but you don’t have to use Noro to knit the Booga…I don’t really like working with Noro and have used Patons SWS (watch out b/c it SHRINKS major) and my favorite is double stranded Cascade 220 and bulky handspun yarns from a local farm. The Cascade 220 comes in a variety of wonderful colors and my LYS often puts single skeins or discontinued skeins on sale. I make my own stripe pattern in my own colors.

That being said all the Noro are lovely. If I remember correctly I have also seen some bags made with Knit Picks WOTA that came our beautifully.

I just ordered some of the #209 for my first Booga. Its pretty!


Have you checked out the seller , Yarnbow , on Ebay ? They are right here in Texas and have a great selection of so many different yarns and it ships in a snap, I ordered on Monday and got it on Tuesday.

Thats who I got it from! I love their selection! And I got 3 skeins for a good deal!

I like the colors, but don’t like how Noro felts so won’t be using it again. I actually like Lion Brand wool for felting. It felts evenly and nice and tight. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a nice felting yarn. I like Paton SWS colors, but it felts way too fast so I won’t use it again either.

Ive felted with WotA a few times…and some Pattons Anna too.

This will be my 3rd felting experiement.

I really like Patons SWS. Yes, it does felt really fast, but I think that’s a good thing. I’d rather it felt fast then have to put it through several cycles. Just don’t leave it in too long and it’s fine.

Thanks y’all! That’s just the information I was looking for! I’ve used Noro for two bags now. I didn’t even think about Patons. I knitted up Calorimetry using Patons and just loved the yarn.

Y’all are the best!