What's your approach to knitting Stripes?

Hi all
I would love to get your imput on how to best deal with knitting stripes. I am an experienced knitter and have no problem in knitting garmets with complicated cable patterns etc. However when it comes to knitting with several colors, I am a bit of a loss.

For example I am currently knitting a simple jumper in garter stitch with 8 stripes (2 rows per color each time). In order to make the knitting more manageable I have been breaking off each color after two rows and rejoining it 8 rows on. However after 20 cms or so there are lots of thread-ends. Won’t it me the jumper verry bulky on one side if I have to weave in these threads afterwards?

If I had just 2 colors i would have opted for just alternating the threads without breaking off, but with 8 colors that seemed unmanagable. Now I’m not so sure.

What approach would you recommend for knitting stripes and keeping it neat?

thanks for your advice!

Are you knitting the garment in the round? If so here is a great website on jogless stripes.

If not…you may want to switch the colors on opposite sides sometimes so all the ends are not on one side. If there is just a couple of rows between the colors I will carry the colors up…but I see what you mean with 8 :think:

You could try knitting the ends in a bit so you don’t have to go back and weave them all…sometimes I will knit about 3/4 sts with the end and this will secure it.

Thanks dustinac,
Some of your suggestins have been helpful.
I have started carrying all the threads up along the side of the knitting and although it is visible and a bit bulky, it looks neat and it certainly beats weaving all those threads so I’m happy!!

Your welcome and can’t wait to see the finished object :yay:

Would someone be able to explain this to me, I am beginner so I don’t quite understand…thank you!

Hi babyBooties, When you start a new color and you have the tail (the end) along with the working yarn, I hold those together and knit like normal (with both strands) for the first few sts and then drop the tail and continue knitting with the working yarn. This will secure your tail so you won’t have to go back and weave it in :thumbsup:

Will knitting just 3 or 4 stitches with the tail end really make the yarn that secure? I’ve always knitted in the tail for about 6 stitches and still feel as if I have to weave in the ends. I use acrylics, not wool. Am I being to cautious?

Six inches! I wouldn’t have the patience! 3 or 4 stitches seems to pretty much do the trick. I usually go back and weave in a little bit more before cutting off the yarn, only a few more stitches, if that. Some yarns may be more slippery and prone to undoing and might need more weaving in…but my personal opinion would be yes, you’re being overly cautious. :slight_smile:

This was all REALLY interesting. I guess I never paid much attention to my stripes. But, these techniques were very cool and much appreciated. I learn something new everyday with you all. Thank you.

Thanks dustinac, i am half way through my striped bag, and have been just picking up the yarn, rather than cutting it each time (its 4 rows of each color), but now i know another tehcnique for stripes!..

btw, what would you do in this case, just leave the yarn and pick up or knit it in as you said, as its only 4 rows per color?