Whats WR

Hi all,
Can someone tell me if WR3 means wool round 3 times?
Then what do you do the next time - knit the stitches or slip them?
The pattern says
ROW 3: K2,P5,WR3,P2,K6,P5,WR3,P2,K2
ROW 4: K1,P1,K7,P6,K7,P1,K1
ROW 5: K2,P7,C6B,P7,K2
the numbers don’t add up so not sure what to do with the WR ones on next row?
also what’s C6B? Can’t seem to find a definition anywhere …


CB6 is a cable. You slip 3 stitches to a cable needle and hold in back. Knit 3 from your regular needle and then knit the 3 from the cable needle.

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I’m not sure about the WR

Is that right? If I count that first row without the WR stitches there are 24 stitches. If I count the second row there are still only 24 stitches unless I am counting really badly. :??

Is there a link to the pattern somewhere?

:oops: NO. It’s not right!!! I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sitting here in the dark trying to figure this out on paper. Yes, we do need a link if it’s available.

Sorry–I’ll go edit.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately I don’t have a pattern link. It’s from a magazine. But I found the answer - and you are right about the C6B!!!
The WR3 was to put the last 3 sts on a cable needle then wrap yarn around them left to right. Replace sts.
Phew - didn’t realise everyone seems to add new abbreviations.


Oh, wrapping 3. I’ve seen something like that, but am not sure they used an abbreviation or just spelled it out.