What's Up With Knitty Gritty?

I realize this may be a problem with my local cable company’s scheduling and not Knitty Gritty, but I’m wondering if you are having the same thing happen in your area.

For the past few weeks (at least in my area) two episodes of Knitty Gritty have been shown - over and over and over. One is for a knitted poinsettia and the other is for a Christmas-y tissue box cover.

These were fun to watch the first time, but after a gazillion times it is starting to get annoying! I understand it is the holiday season, but it seems Knitty Gritty only has two holiday-themed shows.

I looked at the menu for the following week and these two shows are going to be on again and again. (Oh, just to throw you a bone, they’ve schedule the backgammon game board in a couple of times - I guess the thought is you can make this for a Christmas present.)

I love this show and I’ll even watch reruns just to see if I can pick up something I missed the first time, but I cannot watch these two shows again!

I noticed the same thing in my area. Dissapointing–I plan my lunch hour around Knitty Gritty.

Could this have something to do with the “writer’s strike”.?

Same here. I actually removed it from my list of shows to be recorded daily.

I have my DVR only record new shows so needless to say there has been nothing for months. I don’t like a lot of their projects anyway so I’m not too heartbroken, but I do like watching new techniques.

I don’t think the writer’s strike would affect it since it’s not a scripted show, but who knows. :shrug:

I agree with you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a project on the show that I was excited about, but I pick up some great tips and I like see how other people knit.

I just recently learned combination knitting by watching Annie Modesitt in slo-mo on a Knitty Gritty show. And Lilly Chin is always interesting.

Yeah, I have a couple Knitty Grittys saved on the DVR. One of them is Yarn Harlot and Lily Chin. :wink:

well, I was going to add the DIY channel to my existing cable list of channels just to get fresh or at least more Knitty Gritty shows than the one HGTV is airing on Fridays… maybe I can wait a little while before making that addition… sigh

I wish Knitty Gritty was shown in Canada! I’d watch the same episodes over and over if only it was on here…okay maybe not forever, but still- why are they discriminating against the friendly northerners?

I was just complaining about this. It’s the same two episodes all next week too. There are lots of other episodes they could be showing. It’s irritating.

I hate it when channels do this–for example the same episode of Project Runway was played 5 times in one week on Bravo recently. It was ridiculous. There’s no reason to do that, the network is just being lazy.
E-mail them. If enough people complain, they might switch up the schedule.