What's the secret to finding the Inside Yarn End?

I know you are supposed to ball it, but sometimes lazy rules the day. I’ve used quite a few skeins pulling from the inside, with no issues.

Those dern skeins that have the inside end, lost in oblivion make me crazy. Any tips?


Sometimes it’s near impossible without pulling out half the skein, isn’t it?
I try to see where the outside end is tucked in and then pull from the other end–you know, the reach in a pinch method. Sometimes it works, sometimes I have to wrap half a skein around the outside. :rollseyes:

Thanks Ingrid, at least I know now it’s not just me. I bought one of those Lion Brand ‘Pound of Love’, and no insidey. :frowning: And all I’m doing is making a pair of easy tube socks for one of my boys. I’ll be derned if I’m going to try and roll this sucker. lol

Next time, Before I buy, I’ll find one that I can find it!

That’s a good idea, actually!

There’s actually a technical term for the insides: Yarn Barf. I’m an expert at yarn barf. I can knot it like nobody’s business. :rollseyes:


Sometimes it is kind of ‘icky’ in there. Yarn Barf o my. :roflhard:

Most of the skeins I get I usually check to see if they have an end sticking out. Saves you loads of time. I don’t mind the smaller skeins, but the gigantic skeins with over 400 yrds, yikes! :shock:

You really need to see DotMom do it – her technique is amazing! :wink:

I have a related question. I just bought six balls of yarn, and they’re wound around a cardboard tube on the inside. Are these center-pull or outside pull? Under the label the loose end is under a rubber band. :??

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Sometimes I spend more time untangling the yarn barf than actually knitting.


Sounds to me like an outey, but I’ve never worked with yarn wound around a cardboard tube. :thinking:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Sometimes I spend more time untangling the yarn barf than actually knitting.

She’s always knitting from both ends of the skein if you know what I mean :wink:

I bought some yarn from a mill that only opens to the public once a month and all the yarn was wound around cardboard cones (not tubes), so I’m not sure if my experience is the same as yours. These are (I think) intended for knitting machines - absolutely outside pull. Anyway, I bought three different yarns that look nice together and used them to handknit. I put all three in a hat box so it was easy to keep them upright and stable as I pulled the three strands to knit.


Yeah, I think these are outies, too. It’s all ribbon yarn and the winding process caused it to be squished in a lot of places, which affects my gauge. That does not make me happy. I wish I had a niddy noddy so I could unwrap them all and flatten them out. Damn, I want all kinds of yarn toys now.

:roflhard: Yep…yarn toys. It’s just like any other hobby…you start with the necessities, but once you’re hooked all the sudden you have 1202 skeins of superfine alpaca, an upright floor swift, a giant winder and 562 #2 needles. (I like to call this my yarn fantasy world :inlove: )

:roflhard: Yarn barf! I love it! :roflhard:

yarn barf. That’s hilarious. :roflhard:

I’ve been calling it guts. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a lion brand woolease that I didn’t have to reach in and pull out the guts…or yarn barf.