What's the most $ you've spent on yarn...what's "too mu

Just wondering how much you all have spent on yarn, a project and what you consider to be just “too much”?

I’ve spent more than $200 in one day on various supplies. That was for a multitude of projects though. So far my most expensive project is my Skacel pinwheel sweater. I spent about $130 on the yarn for that. I think “too much” depends on what the item is and what it is for. Mainly I look at what it will cost me to make, and whether or not I think the finished item is worth it.

I have a circular shrug that I desperately want to make, and I’ve budgetted around $100 for it. At the same time I’m hunting for wool to make a sweater for myself for under $30 because it’s not worth more than that to me.

I recently spent 70 bucks on one skein of yarn. Too much? nahhhhh.

DH and I have an ongoing “argument” … whenever I go to buy yarn, he says “try and keep it reasonable”… Well, to me, spending 70 bucks at the yarn store-on 1 ball of yarn or 7 balls-- is reasonable. UNreasonable woul dbe spending 800 dollars when we only have 700 in the checking account. Right? He usually disagrees with me…

Aaaahhh yes. The perennial argument, no? I agree with Hildie. I spend what I can afford. Too much is buying something when you know you don’t have the money for it. Spending $1000 would be reasonable, if you had the money and that is what you wanted. I don’t see knitting as different from anything else. If we can afford it, we eat steaks. If we’re broke, it’s mac and cheese. Does that make sense? That’s how I look at it. It is all worth to you what you want it to be worth. I like that Hildie spent $70 on a skein of yarn. How can you put a price on happiness?

I forgot to answer the question! HA! I think the most I have spent in a day is a pretty low number. However, when I added up all the costs for the first year I was knitting, it all added up to about $750. Now, this includes supplies like needles and scissors and stitch markers and bins to put yarn in, and so on etc.

I refuse to knit with bad yarn. :slight_smile: For me, knitting is about the process as much as the end result. And I want to enjoy the process. It’s my entertainment as well as my craft as well as my sweater budget. :slight_smile: You will never be sorry you used quality materials. :slight_smile:

I agree with the reasonable is what you can afford thing. In that sense, I did once spend $68 to make a sweater (which is still unfinished) and that caused me to eat sandwiches for a week…but I’m a college kid, so it didn’t kill me. I could still afford my books that quarter and gas to get to class, so why not?

Amen sister!

Hilde, just out of curiousity, what did you purchase that was $70/skein? And, what was the yardage? Do you have a specific project for it or did you just fall in love?

My problem is that I usually purchase like 3 skeins at a time and not enough for a project because I feel a little guilty I guess shelling out $75 or $100 at a time for a project… However, I have found that this practice just gets me a huge stash, but not a lot of things to do with it. So, I agree with the others, spend what you can afford, but at the same time, have a project in mind when you go. :wink:

The most I ever spent on one skein of yarn is $50. It is hand dyed alpaca that I got at Webs. I loved it so much I got 2. :wink: I did get 25% off, and each skein is 600 yards, so it’s not that bad.

In fact, I loved it so much I sent for a third one just so I knew I’d have enough for a sweater. I haven’t even rolled it into balls yet because I love it the way it is.

I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent in the last year on yarn. Nonononononono!

i think we all have our very own specific threashhold for “pain.” my very first hank that i learned the knit stitch on was somewhere around $25-30. ummm yeah if i had seen the price i never would have spent that…lol. the LYS is very good at hiding prices! :rofling: i have spent that much on a skein since but not often. i just can’t bring myself to it for some reason. Oddly, the $90 stuff at the LYS doesn’t attract me at all. doesn’t feel good and sorta looks like fun fur.

i have spent more than $20 for about 3 yards of angora but it feels so yummy! i am not really sure what my threshhold is but it could easily be moved for the right level of yummy! :rofling:

poo. I knew someone was going to ask what it was! I chucked the label, of course :doh: It’s three strands… mohair, a glittery thing, and skiiiiny eyelash yarn. Here’s some pictures. I had to wind two balls, but it ended up being about 200 yards total.

I saw it and fell in love! I had visions of a feather and fan wrap thing, but I bought it over 2 months ago and it still sits in balls… that’s my biggest problem, buying LOTS of yarn, and not doing anything with it. I think I subconsciously just like to have yarn…

what do you do with 3 yards of angora? bunnies are SO SO soft :thumbsup:

lol it was actually more than that (i am given to hyperbole ya know… :rofling: ) but it isn’t much. it is to be a fringe on the Teddy Hood (from Knitters Stash)…i got bored making it though and had to put it down for a bit.

Goodness ladies! I feel really silly now worrying about spending money on yarn for a baby blanket from knitpicks! I’m new to knitting and am totally sticker shocked when looking at “real yarn” prices. I’m used to getting the stuff at joanns. Even in there I get really cheap. I think I’m in big trouble! :XX:

I don’t think that I have spent much more than around $100 at a single time for yarn- but I would shudder to think about how much I have spent overall in the past year!! I think that the most I have spent on a project would be my karaoke clapotis- which was around $70 or so. To me, it was worth it, because I love the yarn so much and the project was a challenge for me, which makes me feel proud when I look at the clapotis. Plus, I am worth it!!! :wink:

:shock: Wowwie - $50 … $70 on one skein of yarn?? That’s so totally out of my league… :help:

Ohhh you get over that real quick. :wink:

Most I ever spent was 75.00 for a sweater. Didn’t even blink :smiley:

Well, I splurged on Knit Pick’s ambrosia for my scarf, and it was barely a splurge because a scarf doesn’t take much yarn…

but I did experience the whole “WOW! It’s totally worth it!” epiphany as it knit up-- it was just so lovely and soft and just a wonderful tactile experience. So I could easily see splurging to a much larger extent on something even more luscious.

3 yards of Angora… well, as a bunny owner, let me tell you… they are an absolute joy (really!) to have hopping about the house --I’m a HOUSE bunny owner–… Ours are Rex which means their fur is unbelievably soft… Did I have a point? Oh yes! Get yourself a bunny and grow your own yarn! (minus the cost of spinning wheel, carding combs, baby carrots, bunny food…) :wink:

I spent $189 total for Afghan yarn (12 hanks of Manos del Uruguay :inlove: ), my DH was with me for that. That’s the most I’ve spent at once. When he tells me to “slow down”, I always tell him that spending $$ on yarn is different than spending $$ on food or drinking—it will never be wasted! I :heart: YARN!

The most I have spent on yarn was the day my husband took me to a yarn store for my first outing after my hysterectomy. I could hardly walk, but I really wanted to see that store. They were having a sale, and I had never been to that store before.

I looked through the sale items and grabbed about 4 skeins that were 40% off, then I went to the regular priced items. I was interested in the Noro Kureyon, because I’d never bought any before. I asked to see a certain color by number, because I’d been drooling over it online for a while. My husband was around the corner listening, and came up and said, “Go ahead and get it”. He asked me how many do I need for my project, and I told him 3. He grabbed 3 skeins and asked me if I wanted anything else. I was speechless.

When we got to the counter, he said, “Why didn’t you get more of that mohair you liked in the sale section?” And then he went and got 2 more skeins! Again…I was speechless.

We spent almost 60 dollars, which seemed like a lot to me. I usually buy my yarn on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

When we got in the car, I asked him why he wanted to buy that yarn for me. He said, “When I saw you ask to see some of it by color number, I knew you’d been wanting it for a while.” He is such a sweetie. He also said that he wanted to give me a special treat for going through such a difficult surgery. (It lasted 3 hours, and I had to get 3 units of blood.)

I guess I’ll just have to keep this guy.