What's the "hype" with Rav Knitting Site

Hi everyone…I was sent an invite to join Rav…so I set up an account…Yikes:zombie: looks like too much Info for me (not being sarcastic) Maybe I am just “used too” a very plain and simple…too the point site (umm KH)…what do you guys use it for? I am truly puzzled:flirt:

I mainly use the Notebook area, keeping track of my projects, keeping a queue of things I’d like to make. I love searching for patterns too, you can find just about anything. When I need info on yarn, that’s a good feature too.

Some love the forums, I spent some time there, but they aren’t for me.

I’ve been on Ravelry for quite some time and must admit I’ve never really gotten “into” it. I have just started to use the notebook and like it, but it is very time consuming to use.

There is so much on Ravelry that you would have to spent 24/7 just to figure it all out, I don’t have that kind of time. I do like looking up patterns and yarn to see what others have done but for the most part I think I have barely scratched the surface.

I think it’s an amazing site that shows incredible effort to put together but I doubt I will ever use a fraction of the functions available.

My LYS offers a class in “ravelry”, someday I may have time to take it but for the moment I’d rather spend what little free time I have knitting.

So I guess my opinion is mixed; it’s an amazing site that I just don’t use that often

When I first joined Ravelry I kept a running list of my knitting projects, updated them as needed and added regularly to my queue. These days I mainly use it to search out patterns and find projects to make with certain yarns.

I find the project and yarn databases invaluable, especially when it comes to stash yarn. I had a single ball of Rowan Kidsilk Night that I wanted to use for a scarf. I was able to choose a pattern based on what I found on Ravelry. I went to the section on yarns and then browsed through all the different projects people have made with that yarn until I found the one I liked and could make with only one ball.

I have also looked up patterns that I want to make to see what yarns others have used and if there are any comments about the pattern itself. That has helped me choose to go ahead with a project or if there were lots of negative feedback on a particular pattern, to choose another.

I think just the pattern and yarn search functions alone make the site worth it’s weight in gold.

I like the pattern queue function a lot as well. I may browse through a knitting site or magazine and find a pattern I like, but if I don’t have a method of keeping track of where I saw it, I always forget and have to sit and go searching through magazines and books and bookmarks until I find it again. My queue allows me to have all that info in one list.

I don’t spend that much time on Ravelry but it’s an amazing and flexible resource that can be personalized to fit every knitter’s needs.

I use the Notebook feature on a daily basis - updating my WIP’s, my stash etc. I also use the queue feature. It is a great place to check out others’ projects and see what can you knit with a particular yarn or see how a certain pattern looks in different yarns and sizes. You can find very useful comments on projects that will make your knitting easier. I don’t hang around the forums, it’s too much for me, but i do participate in some groups of interest or my local knitters. I’m not into signing up for different issues forum sites, so the groups are very nice and in my case i got a lot of support from fellow knitters on some important issues.

Cheley, I thought the exact same thing when I first signed up. I still don’t use much of the site, but I keep my projects listed in the project section so I can look back and remember what I did. I’m trying to keep my stash listed in the stash section so I don’t forget about yarns I have- that way when I want to start a new project I can find a yarn to use in my stash easier than digging through my bins. Of course, I still have to find the actual yarn… :slight_smile: It’s nice to be able to see what other people have done with specific patterns, what problems they’ve had or changes they’ve made, and what it looks like on ‘real people’. There are, I suppose, a ton of other things to do on ravelry such as groups, forums, etc, but that’s just ‘too much’ for me. I like the forum here. :slight_smile:

I mostly use Ravelry to check in with my sisters - we have our own group (all of us knit or crochet). I can spend so long working on a single project - or I start one and then make a bunch of little things while I’m working on the big project - that I don’t use the functions for tracking projects.

I use it to keep track of all of my stash, current projects, finished projects, and to locate patterns and designers. I moderate a group for newbies, Moving Beyond Rectangles, and belong to several groups. It’s a great resource place to store digital thoughts, yarns, and patterns as well as discover new designers, start up yarn companies, specialty yarns… et cetera. I LOVE it!

I come to KH because it’s more of a ‘family’ feel community. People get to really know each other here and are very friendly and supportive. Amy has awesome videos and you really couldn’t find a nicer place to kick back and relax and discuss yarn/knitting/crocheting!

I use KH for the forums and the social side of knitting. It’s a place that feels like ‘home’ to me.

However… I use Ravelry multiple times a day most often for searching patterns. I also keep track of my own projects and find it useful for it’s journal abilities. Someone asked me the other day what needle size I had used and if I hadn’t had Rav I wouldn’t have remembered, but I could look up the project and find out right away. Because of the ‘favorites’ and ‘queue’ I never lose a pattern link I wanted to research more or make. I also research yarns and see what people have made with it or the reverse, find a pattern and see what types of yarns were used and what they they had to say about them. It’s an invaluable resource IMO.

I like the pattern search. If I have a pattern in mind, I like to see how finished projects look in different yarns. I never got around to updating my notebook. I did join a few groups, mostly LYS groups, to keep up on sales, classes, etc.

I use the notebook to keep track of my needles so if I get the urge to splurge I know right away what I’ve got and what I need so I don’t double-up. Otherwise, I mainly enjoy the groups that I’m a part of, mainly “Heroes” (discussions about the TV show) and “Survivor” (again, discussions about the show). I don’t really search for patterns or anything like that. And it’s easier to have a discussion about something in particular on that site. But, KH is still the best knitting site of all and, I agree with the others, it feels like home.

AMEN!! Well said!

I have avoided many time consuming mistakes by just looking at what others knit and in what yarn. You can search by yarn type, brand and even color! It’s so great! There are 1000’s of patterns there and if it’s in a book, there is a feature that will even search your local library for it! I use it all the time! It is confusing at first but once you get the hang of it and give yourself time to learn it slowly, you will love it! :inlove:

Haven’t read the other replies yet, so this might be a repeat of information. I rarely use the forums there. There are too many for me over there. I use R mostly to find patterns and to see what other people are doing with a specific yarn/pattern. Say I have some yarn and have no idea what to do with it. You can find projects that have been completed with the same yarn. I love looking at the FO’s on R. I get ideas for projects, books, etc. on R. It is overwhelming over there, but I still enjoy it.

I like to see the projects of others if I am knitting the same one but also like the pattern searches and yarn searches if I am looking for new ideas. I like to add my FOs to the database.
As for the social aspect, that does not much interest me (although I am in 20+ groups?!) but don’t post much at all. I love [I]this[/I] forum :slight_smile: Everyone is so nice and there is no snarkiness.

It is confusing…I only use it to put my patterns on there and then I get to find patterns as well. If your a designer it’s great. The groups and forums are very confusing.

I’m right there with you … I was invited to join ravelry and was a bit disappointed. I find the boards to bit pretty snippy and I don’t get a lot of answers to my questions (unlike KH where I always get valuable feedback). I don’t have time to put all my stash and projects into the notebook, but I DO love searching for patterns/projects based on the yarn I have etc.

I’ve joined several groups whose members have similar interests and enjoy sharing ideas about everything from sock knitting to spinning.

I haven’t used the Notebook section much but I love the needle chart. It keeps me from buying needles I already have.

For me, Rav is an incredible source of information and ideas. Everybody’s pattern and yarn information is there for everybody else to share; and in that sense it’s a real helping community. There are some groups that seem to specialize in snarkiness and meanness. Their home pages carry a warning about the kind of content they contain, and if that sort of thing doesn’t interest you, just stay away. The groups I belong to are polite and friendly; some of us have become friends in RL. One feature I enjoy is the row of buttons at the bottom of each post. You can click on Agree, Disagree, Love, Funny, etc., to indicate your reaction to the post without having to write a full reply.

What amazes me is the generosity of members who are well-known experts, designers, artists and authors. Ask a question about a pattern in a certain book, and the author herself may come along to answer it. Ask about a spinning technique and a master spinner will offer help and encouragement. It’s happened to me several times.

Like many others here, I like the organizational tools the best. Being able to keep track of my stash and queueing projects I’d like to make actually helps me to figure out how best to use my stash yarn. The huge number of patterns available are awesome too, and the best thing about that is that for a lot of patterns, I get to see what it looks like on models of all shapes and sizes, not just the perfect skinny model in Interweave Knits that I will never be the same size as. It’s also fun to see the modifications and color changes that people make when they knit a pattern. I find it very inspirational.

I also just enjoy looking at the FOs page. I just really get a kick out of looking at other people’s work.

The only bad thing for me about Ravelry is that I get sucked into it and then I lose knitting time!

Like most others I used the notebook to keep track of projects and such, and it is a good place to search for patterns to get ideas.

The forums and such, not so much.

I use Ravelry to search patterns. When I see a pattern I like I look to see if its on Ravelry and add it to my queue so I won’t forget about it later. I also like to look at other people’s projects to see what type of yarn or needles they use for a particular project, or if they have any tips about the project or yarn before I CO. I also started actually storing my projects there too so I can look back and see how I did them.