What's the difference

between sock yarn and other yarn?

I’ve been looking at all kinds of beautiful yarns on etsy… and all the colors I love, are all sock yarn. Can this be used for other projects like scarves and stuff? What makes it sock yarn?

Thanks in advance…

Sock yarn is usually a fingering weight yarn so the socks aren’t bulky. It also often has some other fiber in it like nylon to make it stronger and last longer on heels and toes.

You certainly can use sock yarn for other projects! They make great hats and baby sweaters. You could use them for yourself as well, but with the gauge you’d have to use small needles…read time consuming. Not impossible though.

So its really thin? I haven’t used anything thinner than Red Heart Super Saver… and sugar and cream cotton… which i’m currently working with on my beginner size 10 needles. how is it in comparison to that? I’m kind of a visual person… :\

Sock yarn is generally a fingering weight yarn, and most of the time, it’s a superwash. There’s really nothing that “makes” it a sock yarn, except that for most of the time it has nylon blended into it. Yes, it’s thin, but you can use it for other things. It’s much thinner than Red Heart and Sugar and Cream. They are worsted weight, and this is about a quarter of the thickness. But, don’t be afraid, once you get used to the yarn and small needles (you have to use a range of #0-#3 for sock yarn) it’s very simple and fun to do. Give it a try!

hehe thanks… sorry… nother newb question… fingering weight… just means that its thinner?

lol i’m trying to get all of this straight before i go to my LYS to get a pretty yarn for my scarf swap. I don’t wanna feel silly… going in there… picking out a yarn I love… then realizing that its gonna take me 6 months to make because the yarn is so thin…

Ooh! almost forgot…
Has anyone seen a visual lay out of different yarn sizes? I’m a visual learner… In my favorite old crochet book, there is a picture of a bunch of different sized hooks, all laying next to each other with the sizes written above that. Is there something like that for different kinds of yarn?

You can double fingering weight yarn and use bigger needles like size 6 or 8. You can also make socks with DK yarn and use maybe size 3 or 4 needles, or with worsted weight yarn and use size 5 or 6 needles, but the stitches would be really tight.

I think I’ve seen a picture of various weight yarn side by side in some book or another, but sure can’t remember which one.

Edit one more time… Regarding doubling the yarn, I’m using one strand of lace weight (really thin) and one of fingering to knit a shawl and I’m using 7mm needles - just a bit larger than 10.5s. So if you see some nice really thin yarn for the scarf swap, you could make it with 2 strands on 10s for sure, if not 10.5s

Man… you guys are so awesome… THANKS!!!

I am not much help, as I am still learning myself, and was completely caught off guard by all the options available.


has little descriptions… like the ply and stuff, the first time I went to LYS, they didn’t use the little symbol I was expecting, so was completely confused by ply/DK, etc.


this is cool too, some one mentioned it on another thread here, but can’t remember who… I had just saved it to my faves.


Has some pics… maybe more what you were looking for.

Good luck!

Lisa! Those are awesome! bookmarks all of them

I’ve always thought it as about the same size as the heavier crochet cotton.

If you’re making socks, a sport weight sock yarn is about as thick as you should go, if you plan to wear them with shoes, otherwise the socks will be too bukly.

Conti: I can’t quite work in the round yet, so no socks for me as of right now. But there are just so many gorgeous yarns out there in sock weight… And i’m on a scarf kick… was just wrondering if it was feasable to make scarves and other small projects with it. :slight_smile:

You can make anything you want with it. It is thin, though, so it will just take you longer.:shrug:

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