What's the difference btw P2tbl and p2tog?

I’ve watched the videos and tried doing both, but I don’t see the difference. Can someone help me out with this one?

Just in case I’m doing p2tbl wrong, is there an easier substitution for the same type of decrease?

Hmmmm, I was just thinking. That p2togtbl can be a reall humdinger to do and it definitely throws of your rythm. Try this and see if it works. :figureditout:
Slip next 2 stitches as if to purl to your right needle, place them back on the left needle by inserting the left needle in the back of the loops one at a time (twisting the sts) now purl as normal. You should get the twisted purl stitches that you were looking for and you don’t have to do the acrobatics and next to impossible needle contortions for the ptbl.

I dunno… slipping them as if to purl and then back to the left needle doesn’t change their orientation at all. Maybe slipping as if to knit would. Try both ways and see how they look.

It’s all in how you resituate them when you put them back on the left needle. :knitting:

What i don’t get is that slipping the st as if to knit to the right needle, then to the back and then doing the p2tbl on ssp can be any different from doing only the p2tbl. I only know it works

Thank you all for your responses…p2tbl has got to be [B][I]THE [/I][/B]most awkward thing ever…at least now I know I’m not crazy :mrgreen:


p2togtbl and p2tbl are two very different stitches. The first is a decrease and second one isn’t.

I’m sure p2tbl was a typo…

p2tbl means purl two together through the back loop

They are both decreases - one slants to the left and one to the right. I am working on a project right now that calls for both of these on the same row to decrease in left and right slants. P2tbl is definitely a difficult stitch and really does throw the rhythm off - it is awkward, as you said.

P2tbl is a decrease that is left slanting. It is a little confusing but I assure you it is a real stitch and will give your piece a clean look.

I also found this awkward but its easy once you understand it.

Here is a video that makes it clear and easy to do p2tbl

Ive never tried p2tbl but just hearing about it gives me a headache, what simple solution though, should this be a sticky? Or is there already a sticky thread on solutions like this?

There may be a video for it, but we don’t usually make stickies for how to do stitches or the differences between them. The question on this type of thing doesn’t come up all that much.

Ahh fair enough.

I am a very inexperienced knitter. I did an afghan in the tunisian crochet method, but had a borrowed hook and had to return it to the owner. Now I am attempting to knit a blanket in the log cabin pattern. It says to always switch to the next color on the right side of your piece. I’m just doing garter stitch. Which is the right side???

If I’m asking this at the wrong spot I apologize. This site is also new to me.

When you change color on the log cabin blanket, you begin by picking up and knitting stitches. That defines the right side so that from that point on, you always pick up from the same side. It makes the change of colors neater looking. If you try it with the second color you’ll immediately see the difference in right side and wrong side.

Thank you so much salmonmac, I will try it right away.