What's the difference between K2tog tbl and SSK?

I’m working on my first project that uses SSK… so I looked it up, and it seems the same thing as knitting 2 together through the back loop. However I found lots of charts that list the 2 techniques side by side as if they are somehow different? :shrug:


When you ssk, you actually twist the stitches first as you slip them, knitwise, to the right needle. When you k2tog tbl, you’re not twisting them first.

With the ssk the stitches lie flat when you’re done, but with k2togtbl they lie twisted.

But either way, they are both left-leaning (the opposite of k2tog, which is right-leaning). You can also substitute k1 sl1 psso, same thing: left-keaning decrease.

I do the same! I knit for months ssk as k2tog tbl… I can’t make the difference between the tow techniques!