What's the best place

…to get needles?

I mean, not your LYS…I’m looking for places online. But I need a store with Supah fast shipping, kwim? :lol:

TIA! :smiley:

Check out our very own Carol_OH’s TaraKnit @ http://www.taraknit.com. I haven’t ordered from her yet, but a lot of folks here have said very positive things about her selection, prices and speedy service. And you’d be supporting one our own!

Another place I’ve had good luck with was www.purplekittyyarns.com.

I’ve ordered circs from them, the prices were good, shipping reasonable, and VERY fast!

Happy Shopping :happydance:


This one happens to be my favorite source of Addis! :wink:

edit: I forgot to mention that even though they are coming from Hong Kong, the only time they took more than a week to get to me was when a holiday fell in the shipping timeframe! I love them!!

I order my addi’s from the same place that bren does and I’ve gotten great service @ knitting warehouse and FABULOUS & FAST service from Angelika @ yarn-store :wink:

I have heard so many good things I’m about to see if I can find a missing #9 dbl point

OK… I decided on Addi TUrbo… Where can I get those babies?? :eyebrow:

Here! Here! Here!

I don’t do ebay so I get my Addis from www.yarnware.com

They have a great assortment, and they arrive fast.

But, Ingy…that means you’re paying FULL PRICE!! :shock:

I want what I want when I want it and I want it FAST!!!

Ingrid ~ I ordered from www.yarnware.com throught the weekend! :thumbsup: Can’t wait to get it!! :cheering: :cheering:

And, yes…I’m a want it now kinda girl too… :eyebrow:

I’m with Bren…I get all of my addi’s from jeff on Ebay…brand new & less than 1/2 retail price…yeah baby :cheering: :cheering: