What's everyone currently working on?

I’m knitting a baby blanket for any future grand children we may have and I’m also knitting a poncho for my 3 yr. old gd for use in the Fall. :happydance: My next project will be a pretty felted tote bag that I saw in a knitting magazine. I was able to order all the yarns online and got them last week.

I want to finish one of the two projects before I begin another. I am able to “keep ahead” that way. :XX: :XX:

What are YOU currently working on? :smiley:

I have the body of a charity sweater done. I just need to pick up the stitches for the arms now. I have also been working on squares for the preemie blankets for KnitPixie’s Preemie Project. I haven’t done anything for myself for awhile, but I’m enjoying the knitting nonetheless. :wink:

Well I’ve got tons of WIPs as usual. The project that I have on my lap right now is a pair of socks for hubby in Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I’ve also got the second sleeve of Lissa’s sweater waiting for me to finish the socks.

I’m knitting this in Pink yarn for me at the moment. I’ve completed the body and sleeves and “only” need to pic up the 390+ stitches :shock:
Problem is I only own circular needles in 5mm that are 60cm long! My LYS does not have longer ones(would need 100cm or more anyway) and would have to order them. So I’m thinking about using two of the 60cm together(but I’m afraid of losing stitches!).

I’m also knitting my mum’s motherday present as she got a gift coupon from me to knit/sew her something. It’s a top in black with red,green, yellow stripes at the neck, bottom and arms. It’s taking forever and it’s a quite boring knit(only stockinette and in the round).

My third project is a secret, sorry can’t tell you in case she reads this :hiding:

I’ve got a bunch of other projects on the needles, but they are on hold.

I am currently working on a log cabin blanket and a wrap sweater pattern. :slight_smile:

:smiley: I’m lovin’ reading what everyone is working on…this is fun! I just finished the Leaves of Whimsy socks and cast on for Rose (Soleil with sleeves) for my sister using Elann’s Sonata. Oh yeah…I have 2 wip’s (can u believe :shock: ?!), the other is the Leaf Lace scarf (although it’s much further along!) using my very favorite yarn, SWTC’s Bamboo. After these are complete I think that I may do Tempting or T2 for my youngest daughter…or, one of my other gazillion projects!! If I finish Rose in time I may just do Lady Eleanor for the Knitting World Cup…it’s a thought :wink:

EDIT…well, I just entered the Knitting World Cup…doing Lady Eleanor…so, that’s what’s next :wink:

Knitty’s Reid for my niece, and an Irish Hiking scarf that I carry around with me. I’m determined to get Reid done before I start anything else. It’s my first lace project, so it will be on the needles for a while, I suspect! Oh, and I’ll need to learn to crochet for the edging. Yeah, it’ll be a while.

After that, I have yarn for the bag Olive from “25 Bags to Knit.”

Been working on odds and ends things, like white preemie booties, other preemie items, two scarves, a hat for myself(with really pretty yarn), a pair of wristwarmers, ect.

I think that’s a bit much though :??

My never ending Harry Potter scarf (what can I say? I get bored with it!), a scarf for my sil’s b-day (not until October, but I want to make sure I get it done in time-which I’m sure I will), I’ll probably start on the hat to match it soon. I also want to start on some Christmas projects for the two little girls that I babysit, but I’m having a difficult time deciding what scarf patterns I want to use. I like the diagonal scarf by Debbie Bliss in the book Scarf Style, but not in the colors that are pictured. Her yarn is a bit price-y for me too, so I will have to substitute it. Plus, deciding what colors to use is a big decision too!

Almost finished with the green sweater on the cover of Rowan’s Vintage Knits book (click WWW below). Also have Paton’s Street Smarts Urban Aran on the needles. Then I started a no-brainer to take with me out of yellow leftover Cotton Tots. I was trying to make a felted sheep without Fiber Trends’ pattern - tryin to alter another pattern. Saga is in my blog too. Didn’t work. Will have to break down and fork out the $10. But that’s about my limit of WIPs - I really like one thing at a time.

:smiley: I’m so happy to read another knitter is a one @ a time kinda girl :wink: It’s very unusual that I have 2 projects on the needles @ once.

Oh… the multiple project problem…actually I just posted a finished project - an Irish Hiking scarf. I’m working on a pair of cabled gloves in a similar color for the same friend, and STILL trying to finish a cabled hooded zip up from debbie bliss that I started a year ago. I’m just about to start some felted clogs for my mom, but have to order needles first. I also need to start a beanie for my other friend. I’m going to try to invent a pattern for small intarsia stars around the bottom. She’s kinda punky so I thought I’d do black with red stars at the bottom.

Good luck with everyone’s projects! Oh- how do you get a word, like “here” to take you to a website?

I’m still pluggin away one block at a time on my Retro Throw. I was going to give it to the chemo doctor’s office for their patients, but I just found out my uncle has stage 3 lung cancer, so it’s now going to him. It’s not taking as much yarn as I thought it would (I sub’d LB Homespun for KP Crayon), so I’ll probably have enough to do another, but probably in a different pattern.

I signed up for the Amazing Lace KAL and the Grannie Smith Cardi KAL - hee, hee, one project for 2 KALs.

I’m also trying to design a purse for grandma, find a pattern for mom and let’s not talk about the Jaywalkers, shall we?

I just finished a Booga bag, it’s blocking right now. I’m finishing up a pair of shorties for my daughter, knitting the Icord right now. Next on the list is my first pair of socks :shock: (wish me luck) and my other daughter wants a mini Booga bag just like mine :lol: , so I guess I better get on that. Also on the needles, but haven’t picked up in awhile is a Harry Potter scarf, I’ve already knit one in Gryffindor colors and swore I’d never knit another, but now I’m doing it in Ravenclaw, but they take forever to knit and are very tedious :doh: .

I’m a one @ at time lady, also! At the moment, I’m knitting a sleeveless top [size=2](and it’s taking me forever!..with my sewing, reading, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. etc. etc.)[/size] I expect to finish in the next few weeks, and I’ll post a picture. :XX:

I’m currently working on a Rick Rack Purse (pattern from Knitpicks.com). I am a one project kinda gal :wink: I do have an animal snuggles (to donate to the local animal shelter) on the needles too, but that is my “I’m too tired to pay attention” knitting.

I just finished a sock, and need to get working on it’s mate. I started it, but only have an itty bit done. I only work on one thing at a time, too. I do have a sweater stuck away somewhere that I had started, but I haven’t worked on it since I learned how to knit socks!! :smiley:

i have been obsessed with Tabi socks since seeing this pattern so that is what i am working on right now…and in the process i have cast on, turned the heel, and frogged my very first sock…sigh…but we are back to work on the heel now, let’s see if i can keep from messin’ it up this time!

it is being done in a sunset looking combo of colors from Koigu.

I wish I had MORE going on, but I can only concentrate on one task at the time myself, so I’m working on the Streaker Shrug in the Spring Interweave Knits–but I’m doing it in a soft acrylic first to see if I can actually do it–then I’ll drop more green on the yarn to do the “real” one!! :shock:

Rebecca…where did you get this pattern–I love it!

I’m feeling the sock pressures…I was making a pair for mother’s day that didn’t get done b/c I messed up the heel and had to frog…I was so frustrated that I put it down for a while. I’ve done the flap and am ready to start picking up stitches but I needed a breather from it for a bit. My grandmother’s shawl (in my signature…the one that was supposed to be finished by the first week of April…) is still on the needles but I’ve about decided to frog it and pick another pattern. Working on it is pure torture!! The project I’m actually working on is an afghan from a book I purchased recently that has a diamond pattern to it w/ a seed stitch border…it’s reversable…it’s for my dad for Christmas…I just thought I’d get started and work on it slowly. It’s not hard–you just have to remember where you are in the pattern when you put it down. Since I found out that I’m expecting I’ve picked out a sweater and two baby blankets that I want to tackle too! I feel a little overwhelmed with knitting right now…like there is so much I want to do that I don’t know where to start, kwim?